Tom Winckler Achieves Black Diamond At Rain International

Tom Winckler Black Diamond Rain International

Tom Winckler joined Rain International in June 2015 and his organization has growned to 50,000 partners in 22 countries.

Tom did 3 tours with Byron in Europe during the summer of 2015 and got significant momentum going and hit Diamond October 2016.

He has several Diamonds in both legs and one Black Rain Diamond in Georg Doeller.

Tom Winckler has been integral in the launch and success of multiple companies, including a multi-national marketing conglomerate, an international holding entity, a biotechnology company, and more.

His background includes consulting, marketing and sales, team building and networking on an international level.

He developed a distributor organization of more than 100,000 with revenues exceeding $100 million and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs realize and surpass their financial goals. T

oday, Winckler is a senior partner in a private equity firm and serves as the CBDO on a global level, and he has been instrumental in the international business development of Hines Aircraft Ltd.

Byron Belka, Founder and President of Rain International said,

“A long time ago, I learned that to be successful, you need to surround yourself with successful people. I am thrilled to have an amazing leader like Tom Winckler join Rain.

About Rain International

Provo, Utah-based Rain International is building and delivering seed-based nutritional products to support and sustain long term health.

The science behind the product development stretches back centuries to cultures that understood that seeds carry powerful nutrients and anti-oxidants in their extracted oils and flours. For more information please visit

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