Serik Torekesh From Kazakhstan Achieves Royal Premier Rank At Global Intellect Service

Serik Torekesh, Global Intellect Service, Kazakhstan

UDS Game is a flagship product of Global Intellect Service the company that has already established a firm position in the international market. The team builds the future.

But who are these people? And how long did they work for a company? Undoubtedly, they can share experiences and provide others with precious advices.

We’ve spoken with Serik Torekesh from Kazakhstan, who is a first-line manager and, so far, the only leader of Global Intellect Service Company holding a Royal Premier status.

Serik Torekesh has achieved the highest partner status. He has joined the company in its very beginning and has facilitated the growth and development of the business. Today Serik Torekesh is also a precious member of Global Intellect Service Millionaires Club.

As you might know, Global Intellect Service has established its own Millionaires Club. The members of this club are Company’s leaders achieved the profit in the amount of $1 million.

Above all, Serik has been rewarded with the first bonus cheque of the company and today his team includes 25,000 people.

How difficult was his development path? What are the main sources of his inspiration? How did he become the brightest and the most successful person of Global Intellect Service?

We’ve asked Serik Torekesh all these questions and now we are ready to share his answers with you.

Serik is a talented, charismatic and pretty smart man. As he said, people do not join a company ‘When new joiners are telling me, they face difficulties I always remember our start point.’ ‘Work hard and move forward!’ Success is a habit.

You should better create new habits.  Serik Torekesh always says that an opportunity to help others is one of the greatest joy in his business. ‘Receive training courses first and take your job seriously.

As he has said, people do not join a company because of a job, projects or its mission. They follow other interesting people and look for inspiration.

So, the same thing happened with Serik. The first meeting with Viacheslav Ushenin gave him a strong impulse, evoked a huge desire to become a part of the dynamic team and make a progress in this industry.

‘There were a lot of difficulties in the beginning’ Serik said. ‘People did not believe in success of our company. Enviers were always near us. So, our development path was full of challenges. It’s hard to say but Global Intellect Service wasn’t treated with respect and trust.’

‘But efforts made by the whole team helped us to enter the international market and today it’s better if you don’t argue with us’.

‘When new joiners tell me, they face difficulties I always remember the start point. And as I see it now,  we have all the necessary tools to make a business. Just take and use them!’

In answer to the question ‘What is the tool to success’, we expected to hear something like ‘Work and move forward!’ or ‘Never give up!’ However, Serik surprised us.

According to his words the path to success is paved with multiple refusals.

‘I was denied 10,000 times, but I’ve learnt how to start the conversation and achieve the goal when meeting new people.’

‘The right algorithm does not exist. Success is a habit. If nothing changes in your life and your dreams don’t come true, you should better create new habits that will lead you to success.’ Serik Torekesh says that an opportunity to help others  is one of the greatest joy in his business activities.

He wishes the best of luck to every person who becomes a part of the big team and he always gives an advice not to rush. ‘Receive training courses and take your job seriously. Using these simple rules, you can achieve big goals, otherwise you will spend a lot of effort and get nothing in return.’

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