Global Intellect Service Celebrates Opening Of Its Corporate University

Viacheslav Ushenin CEO Global Intellect Service

Global Intellect Service creates innovative products for business and life. Our brand is built on 3 pillars which are another advertisement, supply & demand, marketing mix.

The CEO of Global Intellect Service Viacheslav Ushenin pays special attention to professional and creative development of his team.

Following the experience of the world leading companies GIS has founded the Corporate University called GIS Camp. The Opening ceremony has been held on 31 October 2017.

The main function of the university is strategic, and its core activity is aimed at solving the business tasks of each participant. Thus, the GIS Camp has become an important link in the chain of the company’s development processes.

The GIS Camp has set itself ambitious goals to be reached. Here are some of them:

  • to systematize and implement the best practices of the partners;
  • to contribute to achieving higher results.

Thus, the team of personal business coaches has been established to meet these tasks.

The company was forced to create its own university by many factors such as strengthening of its market position, increasing the sales volume, developing a strong partnership network etc. And of course, it was always willing to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

The first stage of the training session was held from 31-10-17 to 02-11-17 in one of the best international resort Rosa Khutor (Sochi, Russia). 200 participants arrived from different parts of the world to take part in this event.


Viacheslav Ushenin cut the red ribbon at the official opening ceremony and presented the GIS Corporate University. The first day was dedicated to the team work. Thus, all participants of the project had a task to create a comprehensive business model of the UDS Game implementation process and apply it to different enterprises. This task was aimed at improving professional competencies and skills of our partners.

Playing a unique board game created by Svetlana Skovorodko helped participants understand how to make implementation processes more efficient and enrich their knowledges. It also taught them how to implement the product in businesses faster and present it in the best light.

The evening time was devoted to watching ‘The Founder’ movie. The 2nd day was even more full of different activities. Thus, participants spent the first morning hours doing yoga and dancing Zumba. The next task given to all participants was to determine the level of personal professionalism in different business spheres.

The team work was well maintained, and all participants were getting involved in the discussion of the market segmentation principles. The team members were creating business structures which defined their roles and responsibilities within. The evening ended with another inspiring movie called ‘The Social Network’.

On the last day of the GIS Camp session the participants learnt about the network planning methods and project management strategies; they were divided into different teams and they each gave their product presentations. Some of these cases were successfully added to the GIS best practices portfolio.

The leading experts of Global Intellect Service visited the event to share their knowledges with beginners and encourage them.

As a result, all the participants received certificates for the participation in the 1st GIS Camp training session and were rewarded with ranks of the UDS Game implementation specialists. The event concluded with a celebratory after party.

Our participants did a great work in 3 days. Thus, plenty of new ideas on product development were created and a new vision on comprehensive implementation methods were found.

Global Intellect Service expresses special thanks to Svetlana Skovorodko for the effort in creating the board game and it also thanks the team of coaches and experts of the GIS Camp Evolution for the participation and positive experience.

About Global Intellect Service

Global Intellect Service creates innovative products for attracting and retaining customers. The referral marketing program used by the company serves as an alternative to the traditional advertising.

The mobile app created by GIS is aimed to unify a great number of customers and merchants. The combination of the special marketing tools helps our Clients optimize their business processes and communication chains with end customers.

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