Market America Terminates Distributors For Selling On Amazon

JR Ridinger CEO Market America

According the Haley Thompson, journalist for online magazine Chronicle of Week,  Market America stated as follows:

“For the corporate leadership team, it’s of high importance to keep the Market America UnFranchise system intact. By doing so, they can ensure that the rest of us still have a valuable and indispensable way to make money.

The Market America UnFranchise system, unlike other franchise systems, is product-oriented. So you’re not solely going to be recruiting others to make some substantial money. You’re going to be moving product. Other systems fail to account for the actual product, but Market America gives you the tools and the platform for product selling.

Part of the integrity of the system lies in how exclusive the Market America products are. That’s to say, Market America’s goal it to sell its exclusive products only on approved websites and through approved avenues. At the moment, there are rules in place that require Market America UnFranchise owners to sell products only through the approved methods. That means that UnFranchise owners can’t sell these exclusive products outside of and the system.

As UnFranchise owners will know, following the Market America system is the key to making money. So when you don’t follow the rules, you risk repercussions and setting yourself up for failure. Market America exclusive products have been found for sale on Amazon, which has prompted the reminder for adherence to the sanctity of the system. JR Ridinger, CEO of Market America, says that “Anytime this happens it threatens the integrity of our business and undermines the success of UFOs around the world.”

Regarding Market America products cropping up on Amazon, JR Ridinger says that

“We have aggressively sought to correct these actions and prevent our products from being listed on currently and in the future – because we view this type of behavior to be an affront to the very spirit of the UnFranchise Business.”

Market America has worked closely with Amazon to prevent future postings of these exclusive products on the site. Additionally, they have been able to remove many listings already. Since taking this action on the regulation of  Market America products, JR Ridinger says that they have seen a drastic drop in unauthorized online sales.

Selling on sites like Amazon comprises of “gaming the system” according to JR Ridinger. He’s a vehement proponent and advocate for following the system. After all, he’s spent the last 25 years of his life tweaking and refining it so that it will most benefit hard working UnFranchise owners.

JR Ridinger is so passionate about the system that he says

“Market America has zero tolerance for these types of actions and the integrity of the UnFranchise Business is something we will always defend.”


The UnFranchise owners who were found to be selling products on Amazon were issued warnings to remove all of their Market America products listings from Amazon.


Those who did not comply had their Market America UnFranchise contracts terminated.

Protecting the integrity of the business ensures that all of the Market America UnFranchise owners have a level playing field. It also makes for a system in which many benefit from the product sales. When UnFranchise owners sell outside of the system, they’re the only ones making money from the sale.

They neglect to account for their team, and throw off the commissions and cash back rewards for all of the people they’re connected to. Defending the integrity of the system means making sure that it works like it says it’s going to work. Market America’s two to three year residual earnings plan is effective only if the plan is followed.

Going along with the system is far easier and more convenient than going through unapproved avenues. When UnFranchise owners are finding ways to outsmart the system, they’re spending a lot of energy that they could actually be channelling into improving their legitimate business. It works counter to their original intent of getting ahead. Instead, those who game the system jeopardize all that they’ve already been working for.

Market America is not an isolated method of earning. It’s an interconnected network of real people wanting to earn real money. When you become a Market America Unfranchise owner, you become part of a team of tremendously strong, resilient, and good-intentioned team members.

But every so often, there’ll be someone who finds a way to hurt, knowingly or not, the system on which this teamwork is based. That’s when it’s your job as a Market America UnFranchise owner to stand up for the greater good. JR Ridinger drives the point home when he says “As UnFranchise Business Owners it’s up to all of us to not only familiarize ourselves with the proper business practices but to also ensure that our teams are following the guidelines and policies that were created to protect the growth and integrity of our business.” Ignorance of the rules doesn’t do UnFranchise owners any good because it can harm your team.

Be a proactive Market America UnFranchise owner and review the system rules. Meet with your team to go over the rules and ensure that everyone is on board. If any guidelines are being ignored or broken, now’s the time to fix any issues. Don’t wait until you or your team have done more damage. As JR Ridinger mentioned, Market America is serious about keeping everyone accountable to the rules and regulations. This simply ensured the integrity of the system. The compliance team at Market America is working hard to monitor third party websites for exclusive products.

The Market America UnFranchise system works on principles of integrity. JR Ridinger and the leadership team worked tirelessly to foster a system of cooperation and mutual growth. With the good of the individual comes the good of the group. That’s exhibited by the mutual structure of earning from the success of your team members. With this said, Market America UnFranchise owners have a straightforward path to a residual income.

It’s all laid out as part of the system. Whether you’re a new owner or you’ve been with Market America for a while, you’re likely to see just how interwoven your earnings are with the selling and recruitment power of your team. Integrity makes the Market America UnFranchise what it is.

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