4,500 Attendees At LifeVantage Elite Academy

4,500 Attendees At LifeVantage Elite Academy

When LifeVantage Corporation (Nasdaq:LFVN) CEO Darren Jensen took the stage to usher in the companys Elite Academy in Indianapolis ‘“ widely considered the racing capital of the world ‘“ he appropriately used a speed metaphor to describe the companys past and present and paint a picture for its future.

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He described the operation and infrastructure LifeVantage has built over the past few years as a superhighway.’

We saw an opportunity to build a superhighway, and weve done just that,’ Jensen said.

Jensen cited, among other things, a refined brand, an overhauled compensation and incentive plan, a more seamless shopping experience, and the companys jersey-front partnership with Major League Soccers Real Salt Lake. The majority of his focus, however ‘“ and the focus of Elite Academy Indianapolis ‘“ was on the products, programs, and technology the company will leverage moving forward.

LifeVantage recently launched a portable version of its successful Vitality Stack TM product ‘“ Vitality StackTM Packets ‘“ and used the Elite Academy platform to formally introduce its distributorships to it and provide training for the first time.

The companys leadership feels the new product further swings the pendulum toward a family of biohacking products that build on and complement each other, rather than toward any single product.

The Company introduced a new customer acquisition program that will provide a better experience for customers and a potential additional source of revenue for distributors. Currently, LifeVantage sells products exclusively through its network of independent distributors.

Beginning in March, new customers in the U.S. will be able to purchase products at LifeVantages corporate website and will be auto-assigned to distributors who are new to the company and active in their business following the initial purchase, opening up a brand new pool of potential customers.

In order for us to increase the retention of any distributor, we need to do two things,’ LifeVantage CMO Ryan Goodwin said.

We need to get more people into activity and we need to get them to earn their first commission.


This program is designed to help accomplish both, and those two things will revolutionize the industry.’

In connection with this new customer program, the company has created a new mobile app that is scheduled for release in March and that will allow users to conduct any aspect of their business on a single platform anywhere in the world.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the more distributors use the app, the more data LifeVantage will be able to gather, aggregate, and, through machine learning, help them become more productive in their business. Ultimately, the app will be able to guide users on what to share, when to share it, and with whom based on that data.

We see a world where its as easy to earn money at LifeVantage as it is to drive for Uber,’ Goodwin said during his tech update at EA Indianapolis. Our goal has been to create a technology competitive edge, and that goal is being accomplished. I believe some of the biggest strides in the history of our company have been made in just the past few months.’

LifeVantage also updated attendees on its international markets, including its newest market ‘“ China ‘“  where LifeVantage products were made available this month for the first time ever nationwide via a unique cross border e-commerce model that leverages social marketing.

The company also unveiled ‘“ in true Indianapolis 500 spirit ‘“ a new rank advancement program known as the Pacesetter Program designed to drive new leaders through the ranks at a faster clip between now and June.

Today, we have built a completely new platform that removes friction from the sales process, scraps old methodologies, and presents new distributors with a very attractive opportunity,’ Jensen said. We have set a new pace for our company and are accelerating in ways never before possible.’

He urged Elite Academys 4,500-plus attendees to take full advantage, to get in the fast lane, and to pick up the pace.

I want everyone here,’ Jensen said to attendees, to imagine a world where were all taking advantage of this superhighway and traveling 120 miles per hour.’

In addition to numerous distributor presentations and recognitions, New York Times bestseller Andy Andrews and Dr. Michael Breus, renowned sleep doctor, were on hand as keynotes.

About LifeVantage Corporation

LifeVantage Corporation (Nasdaq: LFVN) is a pioneer in Nutrigenomics ‘“ a new science dedicated to biohacking the human aging code.

The company is engaged in the identification, research, development and distribution of advanced nutraceutical dietary supplements and skin care products, including Protandim®, a line of scientifically-validated dietary supplements; TrueScience®, a line of Nrf2 infused skin care products; Petandimâ„¢ for Dogs, a companion pet supplement formulated to combat oxidative stress in dogs; Axio® Smart Energy Drink mixes; PhysIQâ„¢, a Smart Weight Management System; and Omega+, a 3-in-1 fish oil supplement.

LifeVantage was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, visit www.lifevantage.com.

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