2,500 Attendees At ESSENS Kick Off Tour

2,500 Attendees At ESSENS Kick Off Tour

ESSENS, a young dynamic company based in the Czech Republic, focused on high quality perfumes and food supplements in Europe and Russia, held in February a company tour around its biggest countries.

In total more than 2,500 people attended 5 big events in Rome, Madrid, Brno, Maribor and Rostov-on-Don.

Its CEO,  Michal Kovar, shared from the stage his vision and mission for the company.

It was for the first time that the companys vision was formulated because the need for a clear vision grew significantly with the recent growth of the company and a clear goal must had been settled.

We want to make peoples lives better in all the different ways ‘“ through improving quality of health, financial situation and self-development,

Kovar said.

In addition, CEO Michal Kovar has set as one of the company missions to improve the general view on the MLM.

We want to change how the public sees our industry.


We want to build a good image to network marketing and to show that if you work correctly and follow the rules, the network marketing is a fair business model and can become a longlife love,

he said.

To 3 of its biggest events in Italy, Russia and Czech Republic, the company invited a TOP leader from a different country so they could share their personal experience and know-how how to become successful not only in ESSENS, but in life in general.

Each event was also enriched by a powerful presentation by Uli Walter, ESSENS Global Business Developer and Michael Merta, International Affairs Manager. Uli Walter is a professional German networker with a 27 years experience in MLM industry and who was for many years a TOP 10 member of a leading Germany based network marketing company.

Now already for more than 2 years he is fully dedicated to his work in ESSENS as a company trainer and a mentor for all its 130 000 distributors. Michael Merta as a member of the TOP management of the company presented 2 new tools which will make ESSENS business even easier.

myESHOP is a great tool for sellers working as a personalized e-shop available for all its distributors for free. myESSENS is a long awaited smartphone application that will be one of the best smartphone apps in the MLM industry.

The app will be also completely for free and will be available in the first half on 2018.

The company also introduced a completely new product line of makeup cosmetics, ESSENS Beauty, which currently represents 10 different products in almost 100 color variations. A professional makeup artists with an international reputation presented the new line by a live makeup show on two models.


ESSENS is a European company producing high quality perfumes and food supplements. The company has currently 9 branches around Europe and in Russia. ESSENS have seen since its creation a steep growth and succeeds to almost double its turnover every year.

ESSENS was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic. For more information, visit www.essensworld.com.

Essens Head Office Czech Republic

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