Arbonne Close To $600 Million In Sales For 2017

Arbonne Close To $600 Million In Sales For 2017

In a recent interview in Haute Living,  CEO Kay Zanotti disclosed an annual revenue of close to $600 million. Recently Arbonne International was acquired by Groupe Rocher.

In 2010, you turned around the fortune of Arbonne International. What was your strategy?

“While we were preparing to go through the financial restructuring, I had the challenging task of building trust with our Arbonne independent sales force, who were acutely aware of the need for the bankruptcy.

We were able to get through the bankruptcy in 37 days, which helped build their belief back, as well as that of our 800 plus employees.

We then set about building our five-year strategy, which gave us the glide path to our sustainable business growth, which is now approximately a nearly $600 million-dollar business in seven countries.


Today, Arbonne has a sales force that is almost 100 percent female and management that is half female. How much time did it take you to build such a team and what does it mean for the business?

“Our sales force is primarily female, and we welcome the increasing number of men who are joining based on our more holistic wellness positioning. For both women and men, the Arbonne community represents freedom from the 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily work week, the ability to have flexibility in your schedule to be there when your kids need you, and the opportunity to make some extra money to supplement your income or replace your income altogether.

My executive team and management team is half to primarily female and that is all about finding the best person for that role, without targeting a specific gender.”

Kay Zanotti is a self-made woman, the type that embraces challenges and overcomes hurdles with a mind set on success.

With a unique business, marketing and sales vision, she has held senior positions at some of the most recognizable global companies, including  McDonalds and Procter & Gamble. In 2009, Zanotti helmed Arbonne, a consultant-driven beauty and wellness brand, which, at the time, struggled financially.

As the CEO, she faced a task that would dishearten many ‘“ steering the company through bankruptcy.

And yet, right after the grueling stretch, Zanotti set out to rebuild Arbonne. Products were reinvented and new ones were introduced. The label earned the loyalty of both salespersons and customers and profits grew.

All thanks to Zanottis novel approach of assembling a prominent sales team and marketing Arbonne across the globe ‘“ from the US to New Zealand.

Get more information, facts and figures about Arbonne International, click here for the Arbonne International overview.

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