Nicolas Andreasson Achieves 3 Star Partner Rank At Cellements

Nicolas Andreasson Achieves 3 Star Partner Rank At Cellements

Based in the USA Nicolas Andreasson over the last 20 years built a success story in Network Marketing. Joining the John C Maxwell certified coach program a few years ago became a game changer for Nicolas.

Nobody can teach a new person how to do this until they are ready to learn it themselves and no matter what level of success you reached outside Direct Sales – Network Marketing got something to offer you.

Nicolas himself comes from a 20+ years background of successful construction company selling and installing exclusive Granite and Marble solutions in Michigan.

Speaking 5 languages (Swedish, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, & English)  fluently and loving Network Marketing Nicolas stays busy just answering calls from people that heard about his new opportunity these days.

Joining the company launched in November last year just based on who was involved in the company he got excited about opening his Start pack realising this was something totally different from what he had seen before in the industry.

A conveniently packaged Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer in a Pocket Spray format in the size of a credit card. Starting to use is and got people asking him What is that?’ Made him think this is something each and everyone could sell.

If you can spray you can sell’ he says and shows how people look at what he is doing cleaning his hands in a bar, in a restaurant or on the plane.

Traditional alcohol based products smells a lot, evaporate fast, is a potential danger of fire & abuse and also dries out the skin but worst – it does diminish our immune system by penetrating and solving our natural skin moisture. BioPocket Screen & Hand Spray is designed to be a topical protection and not penetrating our skin and gives a long lasting effect and instead become a pre-lounge or our immune system.

Swedish Innovative Bio Science with BioChemist Philip Wilhelmsson as responsible for R&D this is already a recognised formula in the field of professionals. Now exclusively available for Partners at Cellements.

With the statistics that 7 out of 10 people bring their Cell phone or Ipad to the bath room and nobody cleans it give the scientists the results that our phone carries more that 10x bacteria compared to our toilet seat.

With an innovative APP called BioPocket people get reminded about cleaning their best friend – the phone – every day and can also play the GERMS GAME seeing a lot of germs crawling around at the screen and kill them by spraying and touching the screen making sure all parts get sanitised.

Why did you join Cellements?

I joined the company based on trust to people that I know have already created multiple million dollar checks as distributors and that when they would do something by their own to not loose checks or businesses because of management in other companies it would be something good.

What do you think is unique with Cellements?

The most unique thing I have seen so far is how many people ask me what I do spraying my hands – its the perfect conversational starter. And since I like to talk and that is one of the keys to success – a lo of conversations its a perfect product for sharing.

 What do you like most with Cellements?

Product and comp plan is all great but the best thing is the energy and passion this company is getting built with.

 What is your key to success?

Be coachable. Don’t become the coach that is teaching the things he did not do himself. Become the real deal’.

What is your next goal?

My goals are always high and right now I am working on letting the people now that are tired of running around in circles that this is what I call it – THE LAST RUN CLUB and that if they join me know I am happy but if not I wanted them to know what I am going to the next years and not have them come back telling me: You should have told me’¦

About Cellements

Cellements has developed a strong business model that takes these impressive products from the pharmacies and vaccination clinics to the average consumer through its Direct Selling Partners.

As a Customer focused company, Cellements goal is to offer economical products that can be used by millions for under €0.25 per day. Considering the costs companies incur with employees and sick leave, Cellments is perfectly positioned to help alleviate some of those concerns as a solution for companies to help minimize the spread of germs among its employees.

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