Plexus Worldwide Appoints Janice Jackson And Christopher Pair Garza As Presidents

Plexus Worldwide Appoints Janice Jackson And Christopher Pair Garza As Presidents

As a result of its enormous growth in recent years, Plexus Worldwide (Plexus), a leading direct-selling health and wellness company focused on health and happiness, announced it has expanded its organizational structure and added two new Divisional Presidents to its executive team.

The new structure is designed to better align departments and responsibilities as the company moves towards its goal of becoming a legacy company.

The overall realignment of departments and reporting structures is designed to streamline processes and improve interdepartmentalcoordination as the company continues its explosive growth and expansion into new markets,’

said Tarl Robinson, CEO and Founder of Plexus Worldwide, LLC.

The new leadership additions and more efficient company structure allows Plexus to fully utilize its talented executive and department leadership’.

Janice Jackson joined Plexus in March as President of Sales and Marketing and will oversee the Marketing Department, Sales Organization, Product Research and Development, and the Customer Service Department.

Janice has had an exceptional career as a successful executive in the direct selling and consumer products industry rising to VP of Global Brands at Amway where she honed her Wellness & Beauty product category skills across 85 markets.

Most recently, Janice was a member of the executive suite at WorldVentures, where she was responsible for global product development, brand and marketing, corporate affairs and consumer insights.

Plexus excellent reputation in the market and within the direct selling industry was a huge attraction, in my desire to join Plexus,’

Janice said. Bringing these departments under the same structure will make the company even stronger and more consistent as it shares its values and top quality products with customers and Ambassadors.’

Christopher Pair Garza also joined Plexus in March as President of Operations and International. In this role, Christopher will oversee the companys Distribution and Logistics, Finance and Accounting Departments, Information Technology Department, Legal, Compliance – Quality, Project Management Department, and International.

Christopher is a recognized expert in global operations and international expansion, and his career includes more than 15 years at Herbalife, where he led the organizations successful international expansion, eventually taking the role of President and CEO of the now $4.4 billion company.  Plexus retained consulting services from Christopher in mid-2016 through present to help with international planning.

Having already been part of a billion dollar companys growth and helping it expand into new international markets, Im very excited to bring my experience to Plexus,’ said Christopher.

What Plexus has achieved in only 10 years is truly impressive and Im excited to work with this talented team as it enters its second decade.’

Plexus also announced that its President, Alec Clark, will add Founder to his title, as he was part of the 2013 Plexus Worldwide, LLC corporate restructuring.   Robinson also added Founder to his title of CEO.

With the additions of experienced leaders such as Christopher Pair Garza and Janice Jackson, and the unified re-structuring, Plexus is poised to continue on its incredible growth trajectory and further solidify its position as a legacy company for the foreseeable future,’

concluded Plexus Worldwide, LLC President and Founder Alec Clark.

About Plexus Worldwide: 

Plexus Worldwide LLC offers health and wellness products that enable people to improve their lives and well-being. With more than 700,000 independent business owners (Ambassadors’) worldwide, Plexus is among the worlds 40 largest direct sales companies and has often been featured on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies.

The combination of Plexus products and opportunities help individuals to meet their health-wellness and financial goals.  For more information about us visit

Get more information, facts and figures about Plexus Worldwide, click here for the Plexus Worldwide overview.

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