A Record-Breaking Dubli Summit 2018 In Dubai

A Record-Breaking Dubli Summit 2018 In Dubai

The Dubli Summit 2018 event in Dubai set new industry standards.

The stage and ballroom design showcased the company’s new branding and set the new logo center stage. The two-day event was marked by the announcement of many new exciting developments and innovations which have been designed to elevate the company as well as the Business Associates business to a new level.

 On March 9-10, 2018, in Dubai, UAE, Dubli.com and Dubli Network hosted their annual international two-day Summit. Business Associates and partners from more than 30 countries attended the premier event at iconic The Atlantis, The Palm, hotel.

Dubli.com, the global leader in Cash Back shopping, announced several new initiatives to innovate, grow and adapt to the new realities within the currently changing e-commerce industry. Dubli.com has solidified its place at the forefront of the Cash Back industry.

Since its founding in 2003, Dubli has focused on enhancing and creating valuable services for both partners and customers. Committed to providing new and improved channels for people to shop, save and do business online, the Summit was complete with new developments and breaking news.

Dubli.com announced several new features and savings tools that add value for customers and elevate business for partners. To great fanfare, the company revealed the launch of its new global Cash Back card that offers cash rewards on every purchase, both on- and offline without any category or minimum spend restrictions. The new universal Cash Back card will transcend any current cards available in the Cash Back industry today and marks the launch of a new shopping and rewards standards.

 Further, Dubli announced the new SaveMate® brand which is designed to help shoppers save time and money by creating easy access to deals, coupons and Cash Back. Under the SaveMate® brand, Dubli.com will roll out two new features: The Dubli SaveMate® browser extension and the SaveMate® Coupon Book.

Dubli SaveMate® is an intelligent browser add-on that notifies members of existing coupons and deals available through Dubli as well as Cash Back opportunities when browsing the internet. Once logged in, the member can shop directly from the browser extension without the need to visit Dubli.com. The member can directly visit any online store and SaveMate® will proactively remind them to Activate Cash Back’ when starting a Dubli Shopping Trip. SaveMate® makes sure that customers never miss a deal or Cash Back again when shopping online.

In announcing the launch of SaveMate®, Dubli also revealed the launch of the new coupon page and SaveMate® Coupon Book. The new coupon page will feature thousands of deals, coupons, vouchers and special offers from stores available at Dubli.com.

Offers will be hosted on one convenient page and members can instantly clip and organize the coupons which can be added to the SaveMate® Coupon Book for later viewing, organization and access.

In addition to these new developments, the company also announced the introduction of discounted and Cash Back gift cards from leading retailers, available in various denominations that can be redeemed online and/or in-store.

Lastly, Dubli VIP Rewards members will be able to shop at some of the worlds leading brands with higher Cash Back rates. Dubli.com launched this feature in Japan last year with great success and will expand the extra Cash Back feature to up to 24 stores in many countries around the world.

Innovation and a consumer-centric approach has always been the strategic driver of decision-making at Dubli. The company has a long history of operating in both the B2C markets with Dubli.com and the B2B market through its BSP Rewards division. In another announcement, the company noted that Dubli Network Business Associates will now be able to sell Global VIP Rewards codes to business and organizations who can incentivize their constituents with a value-rich a 12-month VIP Rewards membership.

The second day of Dubli Summit 2018 was filled with inspiration and motivation as successful Dubli Network Business Associates were recognized for their hard work and achievements. Business Associates were acknowledged for reaching higher rankings of Sales Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and Presidents Club members. The greatest achievement was accomplished by Taro Kumaki from Japan, the very first Senior Vice President Diamond, the highest ranking in Dubli Network history, a feat worth grand recognition.

The awards ceremony set the tone for a motivational event allowing guests to witness the thrill and possibility of success with Dubli. Throughout the event, attendees demonstrated their excitement for all things Dubli and the energy following each announcement was exhilarating as all attendees expressed their enthusiasm to be a part of the companys bright future. The Dubli Summit 2018 was truly a remarkable event.


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