Richard Buettner Achieves Chairman 50 Rank At iMarketsLive

Richard Buettner Achieves Chairman 50 Rank At iMarketsLive

Richard Buettner from Germany, 23 years young, has achieved one of the top ranks – Chairman 50 – within the iMarketsLive compensation plan.

Richard stated upon his rank advancement:

Ive been with IML for the last 6 months and after 3 years in this amazing industry I can surely say that this is one of the most powerful opportunities out there.

Chris Terry is a great CEO and mentor who treats you like family from the day he meets you.

The products & services, corporate & field leadership and unmatched passion, integrity and transparency will make this the next billion dollar brand and Im grateful to be apart of this before we hit $20million in monthly sales.

This rank advancement is just a testimonial to the greatness of this company changing thousands of lives and the hard work & dedication of my phenomenal team.

Additionally to almost 10 six figure earners that we were able to create in those 6 months we had hundreds of people create a part time to full time income just from the trading / product side.

This is literally the only legit opportunity I know where you can achieve freedom without selling or recruiting.’

“Everything rises and falls on leadership, but knowing how to lead is only half the battle. Understanding leadership and actually leading are two different activities.”

The key to transforming yourself from someone who understands leadership to a person who successfully leads in the real world is character. Your character qualities activate and empower your leadership ability, or they can stand in the way of your success.

  • Key attributes to being a good leader include:
  • Charisma: The First Impression Is Key
  • Courage: People With Courage Is What Our Society Needs
  • Problem Solving: You Can’t Let Your Problems Be a Distraction
  • Teachability: To Keep Leading, Keep Learning
  • Vision: You can Seize Only What You Can See/Manifest

If you look at all great leaders of the past and present, you’ll find that they these key attributes. If you can become the leader you ought to be on the inside, you will be able to become the leader that you want to be on the outside.

“If you are able to do that, you’ll find there’s nothing in this world you cannot do.’

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iMarketsLive provides a full array of retail trading products and services to a global audience for those who want to participate in the Forex & Futures Markets. iMarketsLives services include a Live Educational Services, Hands Free Mirror Trading as well as a Robotic Trade Scanner and other amazing services.

iMarketsLive has a bundled their products/services with a Network Marketing compensation plan that allows its IBOs to earn a generous income by simply sharing their services with others and building a residual income though building a network of IBOs and customers.

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