Trish and Bob Schwenkler Achieve The ASEA 10 Million Dollar Club

Trish and Bob Schwenkler Achieve The ASEA 10 Million Dollar Club

Trish and Bob Schwenkler from Boise, Idaho, USA were recently recognized as ASEAs inaugural members of the “ASEA 10 Million Dollar Club”, representing the Schwenklers cumulative earnings since they joined ASEA in Dec 2009.

Trish began her MLM career in 1993. She was a housewife with what she laughingly calls a PHD Public High School Diploma’.

In 1993 after suffering from health challenges for 12  years, she had great results with an MLM product. This led her to make a decision to join her first MLM company to share her story and her results with as many people as possible.

Trish says:

 I didnt know how the product was made, I didnt know how it worked, I didnt know how it was marketed. All I knew was that I had a moral obligation to let people know that such a product existed that could change their life like it had changed mine.’ 

As a result of her missionary zeal, she rose through the ranks and became a Diamond in her first company after 4 years. Bob, her husband, how had consulted as an engineer providing time and money flexibility to help the startup.

Trish says: Bobs job was not cost effective at this point.’

So he joined full time with Trish. Thus was born the dynamic Schwenkler MLM duo, with Bob taking care of websites, back offices, answering questions, and all things techie, which gave  Trish the freedom to focus on talking to people, prospecting, hosting meetings, and speaking at events.

After 7 years, they became 7 figure earners in their first company, and were recognized as 1 of the top 10 Global Earners. They stayed with their first company for 15 years, but unhappy with corporate problems, they left that company and  made a decision to look for a new company.

After they left their first company, the Schwenklers  searched for a year and a half for a new company. Even though they had done well financially with their first company, they had invested a large portion of their earnings into a commercial office warehouse complex that was completed right when the economy tanked.

Trish and Bob Schwenkler International Success Team Leaders:



Their business partner defaulted, and they were burdened  with a huge monthly mortgage payment. To save their investment, they maxed out their personal line of credit, their business line of credit, and were getting into their credit cards. Some people come to MLM with little money, but at that time the Schwenklers had millions of dollars of debt.

They were looking for OPPORTUNITY!  Trish was yearning for a company she could believe in with her whole heart and soul. During the year and a half of searching, Trish joined 5 MLM companies, only to be disappointed time after time, by poor corporate management and / or philosophy.

In Dec 2009, Trish was introduced to ASEA, an MLM company that  marketed the worlds first and only redox signaling products. She was intrigued by ASEA’s unique product (at that time, ASEA had only 1 product: ASEA the Redox Supplement.

Since then, ASEA has implemented their Product Development Strategy by branding themselves ASEA the Cellular Heatlh Company and consequently significantly expanding their product line). The Redox Supplement  was Different: ASEA stood in a class of its own; it was, and still is, a true category creator. ASEA is NOT a vitamin, its NOT a mineral, its NOT an exotic juice, its NOT an anti-oxidant, its NOT a new type of structured or alkaline water. It is a completely unique technology based on the emerging science of redox molecules

“No matter what your health concern may be, ASEAs redox technology can bring your cellular communication to optimal  levels, improving the health of every system of your body starting with the first use.’

And ASEAs Difference  has been proven to be  Sustainable: protected by multiple US and international patents, as well as proprietary processing techniques, even after being in business since early 2009, no one has been able to reproduce ASEAs technology.

ASEA addresses  3 huge global markets: Health & Wellness, Anti-Aging, Athletic Performance. ASEA has the potential to  benefit  every person: from the sickest of the sick to the fittest of the fit, and everyone in between. Redox Signaling is  a global science trend gaining momentum.

The Schwenklers have received a multitude of   awards from ASEA throughout  their career. Most recently, at the  2017 Global Convention they received Top Growth Award’, Leadership Development Award’, Top Earner Award’.

ASEAs vision is to

Become the recognized global leader in cellular health and redox based technologies and achieve worldwide distribution of their life-changing products, culture, and financial opportunity.’

The Schwenklers are happy and grateful that they have achieved recognition for being ASEAs First Presidential Diamond, as well as ASEAs first Double Presidential Diamond, and are well on their to achieving the historic rank of Triple Presidential Diamond.

Their organization spans the globe, and they travel extensively to support their prolific organization, as well as using technologies like zoom, skype, We-Chat, WhatsApp, and Line to communicate with their downline.

Best of all, with ASEA, they have been able to change the lives of tens of thousands of people around the globe, blessing them with better health, and, for those who choose to engage in building a business: a  more prosperous and secure life.

Get more information, facts and figures about ASEA, click here for the ASEA overview.

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