Carsten Lange Team Surpasses 70,000 Members With OMNIA

Carsten Lange Team Surpasses 70,000 Members With OMNIA

Carsten Lange from Germany finds a home with OMNIA as his team surpasses 70,000 in under 10 months.

Carsten and wife, Iveta have a great history within the MLM industry; a journey that started in 2002 and flourished through years, leading organizations around the globe. The four years or so leading up to discovering OMNIA, the couple built a massive organization with a US based health and wellness company and joined the ranks with the top income earners in the world.

I love playing golf,’ Carsten says, Ill never forget back in January 2013 a golf coach told me something about Bitcoin. I couldnt help but to think it was a crazy idea, but I couldnt stop thinking about it.

For several days, I pondered on some of the things that he had shared with me such as, decentralization, finite like physical gold, small fees, payments in seconds, etc.. Well, within two weeks I had made my decision to buy my first Bitcoins — it was the right decision!’

In the years following, Carsten slowly spent more time, money and energy on cryptocurrency and it wasnt before too long when he started getting calls and offers from various people pitching him on various MLM companies claiming to be centered around it.

We had a lot of calls and written offers to get involved in these type of companies. It was unbelievable to see how much money people were earning, yet I never had a good feeling about any of them.

I am always looking behind the scenes, really trying to see whats going on. Thats just who I am as a person. If I get a bad vibe from a company, no matter the money, we wont join.’

Then, August 2017 came about and everything changed.

Carsten describes when one of his best friends called out of the blue and said, I know that you are not recruitable for a crypto MLM…’ At that point he wanted to stop it then and there, but due to their friendship Carsten continued to listen.

What I had heard left me with nothing but excitement and absolute vision on what my next mission would be.

No more talking about the next coin wonder, or who has the best blockchain, etc.. OMNIA is a very serious project and they are helping people around the world understand and participate in the cryptocurrency economy.’

Transparency, trust and no over-hyping are the most important points in the industry for me. And thats exactly what Ive received with OMNIA.’

In under 10 months, Carsten has helped lead his team to over 70,000 and he only sees it growing faster from here on out.

I am very thankful to our amazing leaders, IBO´s and the whole OMNIA corporate team. What all of them has done in the last months has been absolutely fantastic. From what started out as a vision, we have together created something very powerful that has all the momentum behind it. The last few months were only the beginning of a much bigger vision.’


Headquartered in Cyprus, OMNIA is a leader in the blockchain industry and offers a unique strategy for anyone to effortlessly participate. Our products and services are strategically sound enough to attract those that are blockchain savvy already and simple enough for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency to begin their journey.

Where allowed, OMNIA offers lifetime mining services for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies in our mining catalog as well as a variety of other blockchain-related products and services. OMNIA is comprised of professionals who possess years of experience in this space since the inception of Bitcoin. We have a scalable infrastructure that is secure and fully optimizable, capable of being a major part of the future of blockchain.

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