Julia Zhu And Tony Bao Achieve 2-Star Platinum Presidential Rank With Mannatech

Julia Zhu And Tony Bao Achieve 2-Star Platinum Presidential Rank With Mannatech

Julia Zhu and Tony Bao recently achieved 2-Star Platinum Presidential rank at Mannatech.

They are Chairmans Club members, which is an exclusive club made up of only top leaders within the company, as well as Million Dollar Club members, meaning Julia and Tony have earned more than $1 million in commissions since joining Mannatech.

This is what they had to say upon their success:

How does it feel to achieve 2-Star Platinum Presidential?

Julia & Tony: We feel very excited about it, absolutely, but at the same time it feels very normal to be where we are now, because our ultimate goal is to achieve the level of Crown Platinum Ambassadors.

Its wonderful to be at the 2-Star Platinum Presidential level, and it is evidence of the wonderful team we have built. We are enjoying the new level and hope to advance again very soon.

What does this level of success mean to the two of you as a couple?

As a couple, we are really enjoying the freedom of time and the freedom from financial worries. Were in a better place together than we even hoped for.

We are enjoying the best relationship we have ever had together. We are communicating with each other better than ever, and we really feel happy. It is a joy to work together like this on our business.

Has the new compensation plan helped to accelerate your journey to 2-Star Platinum Presidential?

Yes, theres no question about it. Compared to the previous compensation plan, the new plan is much better. The new compensation plan gave us new goals to reach for and certainly helped us achieve 2-Star Platinum even faster.

 How long have you been Mannatech Associates?

11 wonderful years now.

What advice would you give to a new Mannatech Associate who wants to achieve similar success as you have?

Never give up and always make time to learn! If you really want to succeed with Mannatech, you can learn every skill you need. Of course, it takes time and effort, but the payoff is more than worth the time and effort you invest in building your Mannatech business. Set your goals and never give up 🙂

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