Modere’s Second Quarter 2018 Surpasses Growth Expectations

Modere's Second Quarter 2018 Surpasses Growth Expectations

Building on a notable momentum going into 2018 and delivering on its commitment to meet the year’s next growth objectives, Modere, the first social retailer to create a safe and forward-thinking approach to overall wellness, today reports that it is rocketing into the latter half of the year with second quarter results that outpace second quarter 2017 growth rates in its key markets by double and triple-digit growth rates.

Measured year over year, the company’s second quarter revenue growth in Europe alone increased by 801.2%. Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) grew by 50.5%, thanks in part to New Zealand’s 174.1% spurt.

Likewise, Canada’s stellar 179.7% second quarter year-to-date growth coupled with the United States’ rate of 6.9% to bring the North American market to a total combined year-to-date gain of 11.2% versus the same period in 2017.

“I am incredibly proud of our company. I believe this year’s hyper-focus on our core competencies, standard of excellence, and innovation is responsible for our growth, and I am grateful to everyone involved- from staff to field- for embracing our ethos and supporting our vision,”

said Asma Ishaq, Chief Executive Officer of Modere.

“I look forward to reaching even greater heights as we continue to expand by delivering premium products and exceptional service.”

About Modere

Modere  offers a category-leading portfolio of live clean lifestyle essentials including beauty and personal care, health and wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high-performing and scientifically designed.

We believe modern health involves pure nutrition, a clean environment and safe ingredients across all our product categories. Modere brings a holistic, live clean approach to well-being, and our products reflect a commitment to excellence and innovation with tested formulas proven around the globe.

The recipient of multiple third-party validations, our line includes products that are EPA Safer Choice-approved, EWG Verified?, NSF Certified and gray-water safe. The company is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels®. For more information please visit

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