Fabio Galdi CEO World Global Network Speaks Out About Recent Distractions

Fabio Galdi CEO World Global Network Speaks Out About Recent Distractions

WGN Feels Zero Impact From Distractions, Powers Forward With Innovative SmartLife Solution

Fabio Galdi Wor(l)d Global Network Corp. (WGN) Chairman & Chief Executive Officer stated:

Recently, I made a statement regarding the cancellation of the Master Distribution agreement between WGN and Nat and Chanida Puranaputra.

I was reluctant to do so because, in my business judgment, such matters are best handled in private and with confidentiality. This is a much more respectful and mature way to handle business disagreements.

Now that many falsehoods and intentionally malicious rumors have been publicly released, I have no option except to give a brief response based on the only principles that I know: The truth.

My transparent and authentic approach is most likely a leading reason that, as a company and me, personally, we have received an overwhelming amount of public and private statements of unquestioned support for the vision and forward progress of WGN.

It’s regrettable that recruitment to their next venture, the preparation of which has been in progress for many months now, is based upon misrepresentations, distortions and outright lies rather than focusing on the merits of solid business concepts that might support a new opportunity. I’ve never agreed with the practice of intentionally tearing someone else down in order to make an unsuccessful attempt to boost oneself to a higher level.

One of the most outrageous claims, in support of cross-recruiting efforts, which has been falsely peddled is that WGN is insolvent. This is a most interesting claim coming from four people who received over $17 million in commission payments and other bonuses and assets, from WGN in a mere 2-year period. Given the extremely generous pay plan of my company plus some extraordinarily beneficial side agreements that provided a financial windfall for these individuals, it has been difficult to understand that these levels of greed would damage one of the most lucrative partnerships in network marketing.

I have been very grateful to Nat and Chanida and their family for their amazing contributions to our success.


These side agreements, over and above what was provided by the pay plan, contained performance requirements that would justify the payment of these extra and enormous sums of money.

Even with their failure to meet these performance requirements, I continued to perform at the highest levels of generosity because this is my style and the way in which I believe you treat great business partners.

It is true, as I have acknowledged, that in our normal business cycles, we have recently experienced some temporary cash flow challenges. These challenges, however, have not even remotely come close to any form of insolvency, bankruptcy, or any other similar financial catastrophe.

Some strong contributing factors to this slowdown in the flow of our sales revenue were the specific and aggressive attempts of our former master distributors to hinder our sales progress. Once this malicious conduct was brought to my attention, it was still my desire to amicably negotiate a separation agreement which would allow everyone to move forward in positive and constructive ways.

Huge success in network marketing is based upon loyal leadership, at all levels, not greed and hidden preparation for the next deal.

The failure of leadership does not mean, however, that a company is on the brink of insolvency.

Our cash flow challenges of the past couple of months have had zero negative impact on our business operations.

We are resilient, strong and possess all of the necessary leadership skills and heart to navigate through the whitewater rapids typical of the pioneering phase of company growth and development.

Through these challenges, one thing has remained absolutely constant. Our combination of Life Sensing Technology, personal DNA and genetic profiling, and artificial intelligence analysis has perfectly positioned us to provide customized nutrition and personalized action plans for optimal health results.

This precision healthcare is now opening the door for unparalleled entrepreneurial business and leadership opportunities for WGN and all of our business partners.

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