AIM Global Earns First International Innovation Awards 2018 For Its Daily Payout System

AIM Global Earns First International Innovation Awards 2018 For Its Daily Payout System

Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. joined the roster of winners of the International Innovation Award 2018 organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading non-governmental organization supporting entrepreneurship and innovation across Asia.

The elegant gala affair was held at MGM Cotai, Macau last December 15, 2018 where 35 winners from the Product, Service & Solutions, Organization & Culture categories were awarded.

AIM Global earned its first International Innovation Award for its revolutionary Daily Payout System under the Service & Solutions category.

The company is the first and only MLM-Direct Sales Company that offers a Daily Payout System in the Philippines for the past 12 years and in several countries–Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Togo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and in the UAE–and no foreign or local company has offered the same daily payout set-up.

Receiving the prestigious InnoCube award, a symbol of continuous innovation, was AIM Global’s Vice President for Business Development Engr. Jurgen Gonzales. He also represented AIM Global to the Enterprise Asia’s International Innovation Summit 2018 where over 80 delegates were invited to address the challenges and provide insights in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Engr. Gonzales answered questions from the media during the event. When asked what the new award would mean to the company, Engr. Gonzales answered with grace,

“This award means a lot to us. It pushes us to be even better and more creative in creating more value for our customers and distributors. This award goes to the 6 million distributors of Alliance In Motion Global across the globe.


Congratulations, everyone! This is for everybody!”

And when he was asked for the company’s future plans, Engr. Gonzales offered a succinct answer.

“We have a lot of things in the pipeline. We are developing some platforms and at the same time, looking into some innovative system and technology – to be able to support our distributors, in terms of their expansion program both locally and internationally.”

The MLM or network-marketing industry was dominated by major international players in the early 2000s. These companies offer a traditional payout system or commission system on either a weekly or monthly basis, a type of payout system that is deemed effective and workable in the US, Canada and Europe. But these companies failed to realize that market needs vary from country to country and what might have worked for countries that have totally different cultures, might not work with other smaller countries or third-world countries.

Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. was awarded at the International Innovation Awards 2018 for its revolutionary Daily Payout System

With the heart to serve and under the leadership of its CEO & Visionary President, Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, AIM Global made a big difference in the lives of its vital life force­—its distributors by offering a unique compensation plan that ensures income is met on a daily basis. Investing strategically and heavily in their IT infrastructure system and investing on a solid partnership with BDO bank for the effective operations of the system, the distributors can now monitor their sales online, right at the comforts of their homes.

Representatives of the 35 companies across Asia were recognized at the International Innovation Awards 2018 in Macau last December 15, 2018

Eliminating the hassle of going to the head office or branch offices to monitor their income or commission real time, 24/7, anywhere in the world.The system set-up is user-friendly, very secured, monitored and well-protected.

Since its inception in 2005, AIM Global has its distributors at its best interest. Fully grasping and understanding the Filipino mindset, AIM Global was conceptualized to be a “pro-distributor” company. After 12 years, the company has rapidly transformed into an MLM giant, achieving exponential growth with 6 million members and solid international presence in 18 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


Founded by Network Marketing icons Raymond “John” Asperin, Engr. Francis Miguel and Dr. Eduardo Cabantog in 2006, Alliance In Motion Global (AIM GLOBAL) is the leading direct sales network marketing company in the Philippines. The company markets and distributes top of the line Nutraceutical supplements, weight loss wellness products, personal care and skincare products, functional beverages and premium lifestyle products.

The company is a proud member of MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association) in USA, founding member of Direct Selling Association in Pakistan (DSAP) and Direct Selling Education Institute (DSEI) of Dubai, UAE.

AIM Global has 130 business center offices in the Philippines and has global offices in 19 countries namely Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Hawaii, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Togo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Tanzania and Rwanda.

AIM Global is categorized as “+AAA” business opportunity, Top 100 Solid MLM Direct Sales Company 2018, Top 10 Momentum Direct Selling Companies 2018, Founder/Director/CEO and Visionary President Dr. Eduardo Cabantog as one of the Ambassadors of Network Marketing – Hall of Fame 2018 by Business For Home and the top awardee in the Direct Sales category of Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2017. For more information please visit

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