AIM Global Papua New Guinea Celebrates 1st Year With 3,500 Distributors

AIM Global Papua New Guinea Celebrates 1st Year With 3,500 Distributors

Popularly known as “The Land of the Unexpected” Papua New Guinea is a country of immense cultural and biological diversity. It encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands. The country is sought after for its beaches and coral reefs and its inland are filled with active volcanoes.

Papua New Guinea is also a society undergoing economic and social transformation. With 9 million people, more than 800 different languages spoken among a population divided into more than 10,000 ethnic clans across 600 islands, Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse countries in the world.

Papua New Guinea is a many-sided, highly complex country. With a largely underdeveloped economy, it is dominated by the agricultural, forestry, and fishing sector and the minerals and energy extraction sector.

Its population is young and growing and the country’s growth trajectory and abundant resource potential provides a strong platform for greater economic engagement with Asia and further abroad. This makes the country a perfect place for Alliance In Motion Global to find and nurture new distributors that will become the future’s industry leaders.

“I want you to believe. Believe in the products that we have, believe in the company, and believe in the process. Because for each and every ventures, there will be challenges. Challenges are normal.”

– Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ed Cabantog

To start the celebration of its 1st anniversary, a crowd of over 2,500 distributors attended Alliance In Motion Global Papua New Guinea’s 2nd Recognition Rally last March 24, 2019 held at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium in Port Moresby. Visionary President & Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ed Cabantog, Vice President for Business Development Engr. Jurgen Gonzales, and ALIVE Foundation Chairperson & Director for International Affairs Dr. Connie Cabantog attended the auspicious occasion.

Over 2,500 PNG Distributors attended the 1st day of the celebration for AIM Global PNG’s 1st year

As it was Dr. Cabantog’s first time to set foot in the country, top leaders and members alike were thrilled to meet the Visionary President/CEO.

Top 20 PNG Distributors together with the Chief Executive Officer & Visionary President Dr. Ed Cabantog

From 2,500 distributors, there were 876 New Silver Executives, 84 New Gold Executives, 4 New Global Ambassadors and 2 new member of the Millionaires Club, it was indeed a momentous event for AIM Global Papua New Guine as it shows that the company will get bigger and better at a global scale. The Top 20 Papua New Guinea leaders were also recognized in the event with Ms. A. Sapa on the third spot, Mr. P. Luke on the second and Mr. E. Christopher clinching the top spot.

Dr. Cabantog then took the center-stage and congratulated everyone for the great first year of AIM Global Papua New Guinea and the success of the distributors who were recognized that day for achieving new milestones in the business. He encouraged everyone to continue to trust the products, to attend more trainings and to focus and have a clear vision on the future.

“Do not intend to make easy money. Everything that is worthwhile, everything that has worth is worth working for. The endless sleepless nights, early hours in the morning; you have to sweat it out. If people promised you that it’s going to be easy, do not believe them.”

– Vice President for Business Development Engr. Jurgen Gonzales

New AIM Global Gold Executives together with the Chief Executive Officer & Visionary President Dr. Ed Cabantog

Vice President for Business Development Engr. Jurgen Gonzales also reminded everyone would have been wealthy and successful right now if the road to wealth and success was easy. But that will never be the case. He divulged to the attendees that they must go through the process because success requires everyone to go through a lot of challenges and difficulties. Because in the end, everything will be worth it.

The next day, March 25, 2019, 1,000 excited Papua New Guinea distributors and AIM Global Executives showed up again at the same venue for the most-awaited AIMcademy Papua New Guinea Training. Meaningful insights and helpful guidelines on doing the business were cascaded to the excited distributors who are so eager to learn and understand the Direct Sales MLM industry.

AIM Global Executives together with over 1,000 PNG distributors at the AIMcademy Papua New Guinea

International Trainer Mr. Ariel de Guzman shared what makes a great leader, the qualities that make them the best leader in the business. Mr. de Guzman revealed to the distributors ways or the keys to success and the essential duties an achiever must have which are: hard work, perseverance, courage, dreams and faith.

Company Vice President Engr. Jurgen Gonzales shared decades-worth of his experiences in the network-marketing industry, teaching them the steps on how to effectively grow their business in Papua New Guinea. He encouraged everyone to build a great business in the country first but then, envision having a network outside of the country and continue to grow their businesses until they executed their visions and reached the goals.

Engr. Gonzales also left them a practical tip and sound advice to the crowd during his talk, “We want you to step up as leaders, to duplicate your coaches, to copy your uplines. Duplicate them in terms of their skills, knowledge and power.”

Through these organized trainings and events, AIM Global Papua New Guinea encourages its distributors to work together in solidarity and to exercise their willpower to change their own destinies and improve their lives. These life-changing lessons would not only help them navigate the business, it would also lead them to the right direction.

The future is bright for the people of Papua New Guinea as the country will undoubtedly have an important role in providing the much needed leadership in the south pacific region and they will definitely succeed in the network-marketing industry if they continue to work in solidarity and utilize the tools given to them by the MLM-giant, Alliance In Motion Global.


Founded by Network Marketing icons Raymond “John” Asperin, Engr. Francis Miguel and Dr. Eduardo Cabantog in 2006, Alliance In Motion Global (AIM GLOBAL) is the leading direct sales network marketing company in the Philippines. The company markets and distributes top of the line Nutraceutical supplements, weight loss wellness products, personal care and skincare products, functional beverages and premium lifestyle products.

The company is a proud member of MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association) in USA, founding member of Direct Selling Association in Pakistan (DSAP) and Direct Selling Education Institute (DSEI) of Dubai, UAE.

AIM Global has 130 business center offices in the Philippines and has global offices in 19 countries namely Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Togo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Tanzania and Rwanda.

AIM Global is categorized as “+AAA” business opportunity, Top 100 Solid MLM Direct Sales Company 2018-2019, Top 10 Momentum Direct Selling Companies 2018-2019, Founder/Director/CEO and Visionary President Dr. Eduardo Cabantog as one of the Ambassadors of Network Marketing – Hall of Fame 2018 by Business For Home, top awardee in the Direct Sales category of Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2017 and winner at the International Innovation Award 2018 for its revolutionary Daily Payout System.

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