Jonas Elmgren From Sweden Achieves Emerald Executive With Oxygen Global

Jonas Elmgren From Sweden Achieves Emerald Executive With Oxygen Global

Newly launched cause based network marketing company Oxygen Global co- foundered by Johannes Bergstrom (Sweden) and Friso Poldervaart (Netherlands)  is gaining ground.

Distributor Jonas Elmgren was recently recognized as Emerald Executive and hit that rank in only 4 weeks.

Jonas Elmgren stated upon his achievement:

“It didn’t take long for me to make the decision to quit my job and fully focus on Oxygen. In only 4 weeks I’ve reached Emerald Executive rank and I’m just getting started”

Oxygen uses the power of social direct marketing to connect concerned individuals with local trusts and conservation organizations worldwide.

Rather than start a charity that would compete with established trusts and conservation organizations, Oxygen partners with these organizations by providing funding for verifiable projects, and uses multi-level marketing distribution to generate funds for these conservation organizations, incentivizing the sale of rain forest protection acres and planted trees with commissions and bonuses to the network membership.

“We’re at the point of no-return. Our rain forests are disappearing at the alarming rate of 1 football field every 3 seconds, and if this destruction keeps going we will lose all our rainforests by 2050.

I immediately understood the power of this concept since sustainability and climate change is becoming the next mega trend around the world. Everyone is talking about it, and everyone agrees something should be done about this. Oxygen is the first company that incentives people for doing good”

Oxygen has received a lot of attention from media and it’s distributor base is growing steadily. I’m getting a lot of great feedback from people that want to join me in the fight against deforestation.

My team alone (Team Global Future) has already protected over a million square meters of rainforests.

Besides protecting already existing forests we also plant trees. The combination of network marketing with doing something good for our planet makes Oxygen a unique and extremely powerful opportunity”

About Oxygen:

The Oxygen family wants to empower, and financially reward people around the globe by unleashing their full potential, so they can, and will want to wake up everyday being devoted towards one idea: To Save Our Planet. For more information please visit

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