AdvoCare Sending Warning Letters To Former Distributors?

AdvoCare Sending Warning Letters To Former Distributors?

MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson commented on his facebook:

I hear AdvoCare has been sending warning letters to several distributors that are leaving to build with other network marketing programs.


If AdvoCare eliminated their network marketing plan because it was “the only viable option” (as per their announcement), does that not imply that their current model is NOT viable i.e. illegal?


And if it’s illegal, why do they think their contract is even enforceable?

If they sue distributors for leaving AFTER they announced the “modification” to their pay plan, the distributors will certainly fire back and argue that the contract is unenforceable because AC was operating as an “unviable” business model.

They can use AC’s press release against them.  Should be interesting.

Candidly, AdvoCare cannot have their cake and eat it too.  If they eliminate the networking model, they need to be ok with people monetizing their influence at alternative pastures.  Just my opinion.

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Comments (13)

  1. I feel that if that is true is wrong!! It can backfire!! builders are going to leave, in fact, most of the associates will leave! It has happened before when other companies did the same that Advocare..

    I feel bad for the associates, I believe that the company has the right to change its model, but on the other hand, I feel it is not the best decision when the associates are THE ONLY reason Advocare still exist.

  2. When a company changes it’s entire business model, especially when they completely remove the network marketing aspect, that company cannot honestly expect everyone to stay. People, like companies, must do what is best for them. My heart goes out to all of those who were affected by this ??

  3. This why I left MLM and went with a proven company without the drama. Writing is on the wall as this is not an isolated happening … this is going to be one more frequent until this industry gets a grip and starts conducting themselves properly

  4. Sadly, many owners are only too quick to forget who built the company. As independent contractors, Advocare, having thrown them overboard, can have no say over where those former distributors choose to ply their trade in the future.

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