Mavie – DNA Testing With Personalized And Customized Solutions In Direct Selling

Mavie - DNA Testing With Personalized And Customized Solutions In Direct Selling

According to a MAVIE press release:

MaVie, with offices in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, launched in 2018, is not a typical start-up company of any kind, especially in the relationship marketing industry.

MaVie means ‘MY LIFE’ in French. The company is a global lifestyle community powered at their core by offering DNA based products that are individually tailored to customers’ needs from skincare and wellness, to nutritional supplements and travel, along with a lot of other value-driven components.

They have created an innovative platform and invested millions of dollars to bring DNA Customization to the mass market.

With a DNA testing and laboratory infrastructure in place since 2012 with top geneticists and scientists on board, MaVie might attract customers through a science-based approach to customised and personalised solutions unique to each member.

MaVie capitalise on several global trends:

  • First, people are demanding more and more personalized and customized solutions to their lives.
  • With unparalleled DNA information available to each member, MaVie provides specific customised solutions for all major areas of their lives.
  • The one-size fits all approach is quickly being eradicated.
  • The direct selling industry is also rapidly evolving. Without REAL value and customers, there is no long-term, viable business opportunity.

People are waking up to these facts and have too much ready information to see right through hype and nonsense.


The MaVie Corporate and Science Team both recognize the power of relationships and connections to best grow their movement, and they are excited to be a company where their TRUTH really is good enough to attract both customers and entrepreneurs.

Since everything ultimately rises and falls on genuine servant leadership, the company is looking for high character, self-motivated leaders around the world who catch the vision, are ready to build a legacy, or have one more run in them to do things the right way.

On that note, MaVie is confident that potential leaders will find more than enough information on their website at to determine if this may be a fit for them. If interested in a high level leadership discussion, simply fill out the form at

About Mavie

DNA testing (Predictive Genomics) is at the core of what we do. It is the key that allows us to create personalised products and services, designed to help you feel and perform better, look younger and live longer. Since our launch in 2018, our brand has grown exponentially -we now have thousands of members in our global family, all linking arms and living more empowered and personalised lives, while also reaping the benefits of financial freedom.

We believe in empowerment – by personalising life’s most meaningful choices and decisions and putting them in your hands. Giving you the tools you need to thrive and achieve wellness in today’s world and in all aspects of your life.

Our DNA personalised products and services are produced to the highest standards, based on evidence based science, with premium quality, natural and active ingredients. For more information please visit


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Comments (55)

  1. This truly is a a phenomenal company with a humble owner who lives up to the slogan, “Life… Only Better”. I signed up for a membership to get my DNA tested and received that and more in return. Thank you MaVie!!

  2. Living according to one’s own DNA.. How Amazing is that to be apart of such a life changing movement!! Can’t wait to see what is to come! Thanks MaVie!!

  3. Mavie is the way to the future. DNA is your blueprint, what better way to determine all your needs. Love what Mavie can to. It fits 100% in my life motto: “I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me”.

  4. Awesome! I love personalised products. I did DNA tests, looking forward to start using customised products and to start eating healthy according to my results. Life Only Better!

  5. When I was presented about Mavie, I signed on the spot because I saw the vision. Predictive Genomics is the way to go. It brings relief knowing about your life manual which is your DNA. It did my test and I received my results. I’m always excited… Qu’est-ce que Mavie? C’est ma vie #LIFEONLYBETTER

  6. There is only one way to live and that’s personalized and customized according to your dna. If you value your life, you’ll have your dna tested.

  7. I’ve been with MaVie from the very beginning and I must say that I am so pleased and proud to be a part of such an ethically trusted and transparent Company. Predictive Genomics is the future and the wellness industry is privileged to have such a dedicated CEO with a team of dedicated Scientists who endeavour to bring us the best in DNA …I am truly thankful for everyone associated as it is literally changing my life…for the better

  8. This is the best decision I’ve made to live a better, healthier and more optimal Life. Predictive genomics is the future and DNA testing is here and brought to the masses. Who wouldn’t want their lives personalized and customized.
    #Mavie #MyLife #LifeOnlyBetter

  9. As a healthcare professional for over 15 years, i have seen the technology for genetic testing improve year on year and more institutes and organizations adopting it’s use into the services.

    However, despite the myriad companies out there, i like MaVie because it offers the most comprehensive DNA reports and Personalised products and advice that creates an end-to-end solution that one cannot find elsewhere at such an affordable price point. I recommend MaVie. 🙂

  10. MaVie has certainly been a company that has delivered on all aspects of its platform and being a pioneer in this rapidly growing family has been an exciting journey with so much more yet to come. DNA is the way of the future with individualised services and products that makes life only better.

  11. Predictive Genomics is without doubt the future, every major global company within cosmeceuticals is looking to personalise their product range. This company has it all, technology, science, innovation and above all integrity. No more searching for One Size Fits All… This is the biggest opportunity in Direct Sales right now!!

  12. MaVie is the Future with the Founder/CEO Abboud Barakat Vision on wanting Genetic DNA to be available for the Masses

    Every Human Mankind should have the right to know about their Genetic DNA with the Techonolgy from Dnation with one of the best Scientific Team in the World

    Am looking forward to spread it to the People Globally and not only that the Global Leadership is MaVie is priceless with World Class Training and Friendship

    Raymond Png

  13. A company that put it’s heart and soul into creating world class products. I am so grateful to be part of Mavie right from the beginning and am very excited about the future of this company!

  14. Beside investing so much into creating the world class DNA products and assembling our scientific DNA team and creating the whole ecosystem that encompasses the lifestyles (VieMall, Vie Explores and VieMax).
    These show how much our founder/CEO Mr Abboud Barakat total devotion to make the Mavie as the most sort after brand name in the coming future !! I am so glad to be part of this amazing journey !!!

  15. I count myself extremely lucky to be part of this amazing company right from the beginning even when we were exploring the possibility to be part of history early last year. Nothing changes if you do not wish to change. Here lies a fantastic global platform, co-created with the blessing and backing of a humble and righteous owner, together with many friends, it’s a fun filled journey which will leave memories, which we will all cherish for generations! MaVie……life only better!

  16. The future is bright for all of us around the world. I’m very lucky and grateful to be part of the pioneer of this company. Very excited about what the future will come. Life only better!

  17. I just love this company, personal products made for me based on my DNA. MaVie is changing so many lives around the world. I can’t believe the weight loss I have achieved in just a few weeks because I’m following my DNA meal plan, already I lost almost 5 Kgs. Thank you Mr Abboud Barakat, Michelle Siddy and rest of the Corporate Team and my upline for this vision and opportunity. I’m a Member for life!!

  18. Top of the line DNA company with an amazing future ahead!
    I’m so grateful to be part of this journey!
    Thankyou to Abboud Barakat and his great team!

  19. This amazing company has changed our life in so many ways. My wife and I are so grateful to be a pioneers with a rapidly growing community of like minded people that are genuinely focused on delivering everything they’ve promised and more. From the owner of the company to the corporate staff I have to say, thank you our life is now Life Only Better.

  20. Mavie is the best company ever and always exceeds my expectations and experience, can’t wait for personalized skin care products as the off the shelve products has failed me. Moving away from one size fit all #Life only better ????

  21. It’s not a question of why you would personalise your health, but rather why wouldn’t you? We have the opportunity to understand our personal blueprint so we can live a healthier, active and longer life…win win win. It’s a no brainer

  22. MaVie has changed our lives in so many ways and for that we are massively grateful! To be a pioneer of a company that is revolutionary in the Health & Lifestyle industry is no only exciting but it’s a massive opportunity of which we have chosen to make the most of. The culture within MaVie all the way from the Top down is 2nd to none. Thank you Abboud & Global Team for bringing your dream to reality as it’s changing so many lives.

    1. I am super blessed to be a Pioneer in Mavie. 100’s and 1000’s of people will become part of this organization. Personally Mavie’s DNA reports have changed things for me big time with regards to wellness! Getting to know myself better and how to take corrective action before the environment pulls the trigger, is critical in living a better life.
      Thank you to Mr Abboud for this amazing company that is going to change so many peoples lives.
      I am so so excited about what the future holds!

  23. I’ve been privileged to have been shown MaVie and as a Pioneer of the Company I have great satisfaction in helping others with there health & lifestyle and giving them the opportunity to take advantage in this global movement and having the culture that I have never seen before Abboud I thank you for bringing your Dream a reality and sharing it with the world. I personally am grateful to you and the leaders .
    I am so excited to get my personal blueprint so I can live a healthier life.

  24. When I learned about this, I got so excited. With this information about myself, knowing what’s my core I am able to make necessary adjustments to my lifestyle to have a better health.
    I love the personalised meal plans and training programs which is catered to just for me. The personalised skin care, hair care and supplements are ideal for me as I am sensitive to generic products out on the shelves. The best part, I am not paying an arm nor a leg for such premium products.

  25. I am so grateful to have been a part of MaVie from the start. To see the vision of our CEO, Abboud Barakat, coming to fruition, aided and abetted by our dedicated Scientific and Technical teams, is awesome in the true sense of the word.Every person has the right to be healthy and joyful in their life. Predictive Genomics is the future and that future is here now, accessible to all. Thank you, MaVie!

  26. Even though I am new to the DNA Predictive Genomics space, I always have had the keen interest to know my genetic strengths, weaknesses and also Ancestry.

    Through MaVie; I am now way better informed about my choice of food that is genetically useful for my body. This is powerful as I used to follow fad diets like the Keto diet; not knowing that those food were exactly those that I am advised against based on my DNA Healthy Diet report.

    Having also received my ancestry report inspired me to travel to the Xishuangbanna, Yunnan in China. To understand more about the eclectic heritage I never knew was in my DNA.

    I am excited about discovering more about myself to take better care of the body that God so wonderfully created.

  27. As an ex professional athlete I always knew that personalized meal plans and training was the future. It was just never accessible for us. Athletes looks and perform better because of what they put into their bodies and how they train. Now we all have that available to us and to put in what is made for you based on your DNA is next level. You will never throw in diesel in your petrol operated vehicle, so dont go on assuming you know what must go into your body. We basically have the instruction manual of your body knowing exactly what you need, all based on your DNA.

    Life only better

  28. I am Sabelo Mahlalela from South Africa. When I was introduced to MaVie, I was looking for an opportunity that would give me financial freedom, restoration of time, a healthy lifestyle and spiritual fulfillment. I have found all I have been looking for in MaVie. I am now in the position to bless people with information to help them improve their health, doing their DNA test, understanding their health requirements, their personality and inborn talents, ancestry heritage, anti aging requirements and how to improve their sports performance. MaVie would enable them to buy personalised and customized products according to their DNA profile. As they use this information and live a health lifestyle, I get paid in dollars. With the money, I am now in the position to travel the world with my family, making bookings and shopping through MaVie’s online platform. MaVie is the future. The future is here. #Lifeonlybetter.

  29. Having the blueprint guide to predictive genomics in your life is and will be the biggest trend in the world. Personalised and customized products and services as per your DNA is the only way forward to revolutionize not only the industry but the way we approach living healthier.
    I’ve received much more than expected in the Value for my membership and am proud to be part of a company that provides me with security and trust in their ethical, transparent and supportive business operations. I’ve never met a more humble and dedicated CEO in my life that delivers on every aspect that the company envisioned to supply.

  30. This amazing company has changed our life in so many ways. My wife and I are so grateful to be a pioneers with a rapidly growing community of like minded people that are genuinely focused on delivering everything they’ve promised and more. From the owner of the company to the corporate staff I have to say, thank you our life is now Life Only Better.

  31. For 2 decades I have been seeking alternatives for personal wellness. After trying so many different products and so many brands, I learnt that there is no such things as one size fits all. All thanks to Mavie, I finally found the solution in personalised wellness based on individual genetic blueprints. This is definitely the holy grail for optimal wellness. I am very thankful, and excited to be in the pioneering team to advocate the world how to live better, healthier and longer.

  32. Wow wow, I have never been so excited about my life, knowing that all is well and it’s all because of the DNA. Young as I am I’m really glad I joined Mavie. I will always inspire my fellow peers to do the same. The whole world will soon realise the change …MAVIE for life.. LIFE ONLY BETTER…..

  33. Finally a MLM company based off quality product run by a business leader. This space has no bounds and I’m excited to be a pioneer in this space with loved ones.

  34. I love this company and what I have been able to achieve. I have lost weight my skin is clearing up, I am healthier and fitter and I feel amazing. so many times I have gone to the shelf, picked this picked that and it’s not been right for me. finally I have my user manual and if I follow the user manual it is effortless it is easy and it works.

  35. I signed immediately I was shown the idea. The first one in Kenya working hard to ensure the Kenyan market opens up to this great opportunity.

  36. Amazing Company with amazing product with great potential still spreading across the world. So greatful to be part of such an amazing team with great support to build the business.

  37. Keeping people in good health with a primitive and yet innovatively. Brilliant! Look forwards to see Mavie bringing more values to people and help everyone to live longer , stay healthier and even look younger

  38. I am very proud to be one of the Pioneers of this amazing, company.
    I am so grateful and very excited to be able to order meal plans, skincare and other products customize to my own DNA.
    I have also been blessed to have met many wonderful like minded people, who have now become friends.

  39. Even though knowing your DNA is critical it is just one component to lasting optimal health.

    There are those that have started using some of the DNA companies offering a DNA test and report BUT this is where they go wrong in just doing a DNA ‘test’ in isolation.

    Because your DNA results will never change and neither will the report even years apart as your DNA never changes. BUT the expression of your Genes changes due to what demands are placed on your body within your environment, what you eat, stress levels, quality of sleep, exercise, lifestyle etc.

    This means that your nutrition, food, tolerances, exercise needs will all change on a regular basis. You need to know how to meet your body’s needs in real time!

    VYVO is the only company able to extract this vital information in real time to establish your needs. This saves time as your DNA will work with Artificial Intelligence and your biometrics. Your biometrics are obtained via your wearable VYVO technology. (ref:

    1. MaVie don’t just do a stand-alone DNA Test
      It’s all about corrective action and Predictive Genomics!
      They provide individualised solutions based off DNA variants and markers of which they test more than most companies. Does your company provide personalised skincare based on individual Derma Weaknesses? Just asking as this company provides a range designed for your internal and external Ageing needs. Thanks for your comment but probably best to do your homework first!

  40. Being a Pioneer of MaVie has been one of the greatest blessings ever. I am so grateful for this amazing Company and so very proud to be a part of this fast growing community. For me it has given me an opportunity to build my own successful business and also fill a gap in my life by adding so many amazing new friends and business partners all around the world. There is nothing that even comes close to a business that offers such a holistic approach to life making it better in so many ways!

  41. Grateful to be a part of MaVie! Only in this short time has the company given me opportunities that I have not experienced before.
    The support from the CEO, the leaders all around the world and other members in MaVie is WOW WOW WOW!!!

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