32,000 Attendees At The Young Living Convention In Salt Lake City

32,000 Attendees At The Young Living Convention In Salt Lake City

More than 32,000 people traveled to Salt Lake for Young Living’s 25 Years Young celebration

 Young Living Essential Oils, the world leader in essential oils, has successfully concluded its 2019 International Grand Convention (IGC).

The IGC is Young Living’s premier educational, networking, and social event. The event is held each summer in Salt Lake City and brings members of the organization together for continued education on best practices, new innovations, essential oil development and usage, and related wellness products offered by Young Living.

This year Young Living celebrated the launch of an array of nutritional supplements, makeup from its Savvy Minerals® makeup line, synthetic-free deodorants and toothpaste, and a new owl-themed diffuser for children. Highlights from the 2019 convention included an inspirational keynote speech from New York Times best-selling author John C. Maxwell, tours of Young Living’s recently opened Global Headquarters and Mona lavender farm, the voyage of the largest blimp to ever traverse Utah airspace, and a closing performance by Imagine Dragons.

With the assistance of Guinness World Records™, members of Young Living also set a new world record for the most contributions to a lip print mural in one week, part of the Clean Kisses Record, a branding event for Young Living’s Savvy Minerals makeup line.

Maintaining its position as the authority in essential oil research, Young Living and its D. Gary Young Research Institute also announced a partnership with NASA and the International Space Station (ISS). In the first partnership of its kind, the entities will send essential oils and plant seeds to the International Space Station for study on the effects of solar radiation on the potency of essential oil products. For one month, samples will be housed on the ISS, where they can be exposed to solar radiation and then compared to identical samples left on Earth.

CEO and Co-Founder Mary Young noted that,

“In 25 years, Young Living Essential Oils has grown from the dream of my husband and Young Living Founder D. Gary Young to a legacy carried by over 6 million members worldwide. The 2019 International Grand Convention signifies a milestone that we will continue to build upon.

Our love for essential oils and the earth from which they come will continue to be the global focus of this company in the next 25 years and beyond as we lead the charge for sustainability and continue to raise the bar for our industry in the areas of science, standards, and ethical sourcing.”

More than 32,000 people attended the 2019 International Grand Convention, arriving from 43 different countries to celebrate the company’s silver anniversary and adding an estimated $23 million to the local economy. Young Living’s next International Grand Convention is scheduled to take place June 17-20, 2020.

About Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils, LC, based in Lehi, Utah, is the world leader in essential oils and distributor of the highest quality of oil-infused products. As stewards of the earth and its people, Young Living paves the way for every essential oil company with its Seed to Seal® standard and its Sourcing, Science, and Standards pillars.

These guiding principles protect the planet and ensure that customers can feel good about using Young Livingproducts for themselves, their families, and in their homes. Young Living’s products contain essential oils that all come from corporate-owned or partner farms as well as Seed to Seal-certified suppliers, support a healthy lifestyle, and continue to provide opportunities for over 6 million members to achieve their goals and aspirations by aligning their work with their values and passions. For more information, visit YoungLiving.com

Get more information, facts and figures about Young Living, click here for the Young Living overview.

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Comments (12)

  1. I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing company that is having an impact in me and changing my lifestyle for good and to be able to spread the word of all the wonderful products Young Living Essential Oils has to offer. Thank you Gary and Mary for making your vision a reality.

  2. I have been using Young Living essential oils ,and other products for several years. They have the best products, and I wouldn’t purchase them from no other place. My life is better from using the products. I am thankful for using there essential oils.

  3. I have been with the Young Living Essential Oils Company for 22 years and have loved the products and enjoyed good health. I love the heart of Young Living!! They are 25 years Young and growing. Their Seed to Seal promise is real. Their standards are high. Having their own farms and partner farms makes it easy to track the crops purity of both seed and soil. Young Livings generosity is amazing!!! The D. Gary Young Foundation is generous beyond belief. I’m so proud of this company.

  4. It is because of Young Living and it’s Products that I am healing myself from an autoimmune disease and I am pharmaceutical free!

  5. Hello!…I have been a member of Young Living Essential Oils for over 23yrs…mainly for the great products…now I’m gonna build my Business..! The Salt Palace is Absolutely Amazing, as is Downtown, with the awesome Mormon Temple & Joseph Smith Building!…& also the Library!! & the U Stadium!!!…Thank You Gary Young! May U now rest in peace…also your Loving Wife & Pardner, the Woman in Charge…Mary Young, & your Boys who are an Inspiration to us all!!!…Mike Magnussen, Young Living Member.

  6. This was my first convention and so happy it was the silver anniversary year, 25 years strong! It Was Amazing, to say the least! So many people from all over the world ? were there and it was so nice to know that we Are All One when it comes to why we were there! I think a lot of ppl felt the presence of Gary, though I’ve only seen him on videos, I felt him! ? Thank you to all of team YL for handling such a big crowd of us and thank you Salt Lake City for having us! Can’t wait for next year already!?????

  7. So glad to be part of the company. Convention experience was off the charts. This company is very family oriented.
    They are committed to providing the best of the best. Blessings on Mary. May she continu e to guide the company for many years to come.

  8. This was my 11th Young Living Convention and they just keep getting better every year. The education is top notch. I have never felt like a number in a sea of people. Mary Young and the executives as well as the Diamonds all make me feel like a part of the family. They work very hard for us to provide the best quality products on the market. No hype, no dishonesty, no cheating. True blue and heart centered with a love for us all that is earnestly felt. Thank you Young Living for being a company of integrity.

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