Dan & Lucy Culverwell Achieve Executive Ambassador Rank With Onyx

Dan & Lucy Culverwell Achieve Executive Ambassador Rank With Onyx

Powerhouse Leaders Dan & Lucy Culverwell have partnered with Onyx and hit a top rank of Executive Ambassador in their first week. They have built successful teams that total over $600 millionin sales and teams that include almost 500,000 people.

An Executive Ambassador in Onyx generates over$250,0000 of sales revenue over the course of a 4-week period.

Dan and Lucy have over 50 years combined as network marketing professionals and currently reside in California. They met in Hong Kong and have been married for 12 years.

Together, they have been exceptional examples for their teams. Both have a background in writing, teaching, and language which allows them to communicate and help their team members be successful.

“I learned about network marketing and joined a couple of product-based companies. I had success in these companies but found it a struggle to be really successful.


I joined a digital-products-based company and found that I was much more successful.”

stated Lucy Culverwell.

“When we learned about the global scalability of Onyx, we were even more excited because the majority of our team members are Asian, located around the world.


Then, learning about the product and services behind the digital membership and how we can help so many people. We knew that this lifestyle company was special and that’s why we partnered with Onyx since the inception.”  

stated Dan Culverwell.

Dan and Lucy’s goal is to make Onyx a multi-billion dollar company in a few short years.

They joined Onyx in the early stages of the company thanks to one of our other Founding Members, Romacio Fulcher, and were in attendance at our Dubai Collective launch event along with many of their team members.

Tips from Lucy and Dan:

  • Turn off your TV
  • Have a vision
  • Have Passion & focus
  • Be willing to help others to be successful

Onyx President Tuffy Baum had this to say about Lucy and Dan:

“Dan and Lucy are a great example of servant leadership. Their tireless efforts to support their teams is a perfect example of why they are very successful and admired among their colleagues in the field.


Onyx is proud to have this fantastic couple as Founding Members in Onyx Lifestyle.”

While Onyx has brought together a powerful offering to its members by way of an exclusive digital membership. The vision the Founders have brought to the table has only been elevated by the Foundering Members of Onyx.

Dan and Lucy understood the vision and how Onyx can change many people’s lives by providing high quality services, luxury lifestyle benefits with the digital membership that has no limitations.

Travis Bott, Founder of Onyx stated:

“Lucy and Dan are one of the hardest working couples I have had the opportunity to work with, during our Asia tour we met with close to 1,000 people from their teams in a few short days and it was incredible to see their passion as well as the respect their team members have for them.


It is no surprise that they have been so successful and have continued their success with Onyx. “


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