MLM Company India Hicks From the UK Is Closing Doors

MLM Company India Hicks From the UK Is Closing Doors

Direct sales company India Hicks is closing doors according to several messages on social media.

Prince Charles’ aristocrat goddaughter India Hicks is closing down her eponymous luxury lifestyle brand after ‘facing a few hurdles’.

Aristocrat India Hicks, 58,  was a bridesmaid at the Prince’s wedding to Diana. She is 678th in line to the throne and daughter of Lady Pamela Mountbatten . Started her label in 2015 but announced this week it had faced a ‘few hurdles’.

However, her business partner Renée Peters announced on Thursday that it would shut by June 30 – meaning their luxury products are now being flogged at half the price.

London-born India, 58, who lives in the Caribbean has so far remained quiet on the issue – despite still posting regularly on Instagram. Despite being extremely wealthy, India has been labelled ‘unusual’ as one of the few British heiresses to earn their own income.

India Hicks Style is an e-commerce business which sells jewellery, accessories, make-up and homeware, with products ranging between £15 to £400. No official explanation has been given to the collapse of the business but Renée wrote in her Instagram that the brand ‘faced a few hurdles’.

She said: ‘I was SO anticipating the day I could announce the opportunity internationally, but we faced a few hurdles that we just couldn’t overcome.

‘Our final day is June 30. It’s been a ride!’

In another comment, she added: ‘So many dimensions to creating an online retail brand. India Hicks will continue to do amazing things.’ India was raised in Lambeth, South London, but now currently resides in the Bahamas. In a 2016 interview with Business Insider, she cited her grandmother – who was the last Vicereine of India – as her professional inspiration.

She said: ‘She was one of the wealthiest people in England, and she never had to do anything for herself. ‘It was interesting to see her – as someone who had no need to work – to challenge herself personally.’

In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as ‘an entrepreneur with a rather spirited lifestyle brand’. And on her website she explained that she started her own brand in 2015 because ‘she didn’t want my product sitting cold on the shelves of a Bergdorf Goodman.’

The website continues on to explain that each piece of the collection was designed by India and ‘inspired by her British heritage’.

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