Zinzino Expands To Australia

Zinzino Expands To Australia

Zinzino, today, announced the appointment of Emily Arnold, as Chief Marketing Officer, Robert Horkings as Chief Operations Officer and Daniel Turbill as Chief Services Officer.

Zinzino is one of the fastest-growing, direct selling companies in Europe – a world Emily is well-versed in, after years building one of the world’s biggest direct marketing beauty brands in Australia.

Arnold brings decades of experience in communications, media and marketing, both locally and internationally. She worked as a TV Producer for the BBC in London before launching her bespoke media company, in South Australia.

“I’m thrilled to step in this role for such a progressive company that blends both health and beauty.


It’s said that the stomach is the second brain… and I can’t wait to bring Zinzino’s Balance Oil range to Australians, who are looking for health and gut support,”

Arnold shares.

Zinzino’s skin serum supports their signature Balance Oil and Balance Test.

“This is a holistic health and wellness brand, from the inside out – a whole-body perspective on health that Australians will adopt.”

Arnold brings a strong background in brand development, digital marketing, social media, design, TV and film and business management.

Horkings, the new Chief Operations Officer, has been in network marketing since the late 90s.

His many career wins include ranking #1 distributor in Asia-Pacific and #1 in the world with his health science company.

In 2016, Horkings set up the full Australian company operations for a global health and wellness brand – with over 20,000 distributors and customers.

Prior to his fruitful 20 years in network marketing, Horkings was a successful IBM Corporate Executive.

“Operations management, strategic planning, business growth, forecasting and global expansion is my corner. I’m proud to be joining a company pioneering a new realm of science, who are committed to expanding globally,” Horkings says.

Horkings will lead the strategic operations for Zinzino in Australia, building on the transformational work he’s accomplished in his 20 plus years.

Turbill is the final piece to the Australian team with over 15 years of experience in customer relationship management, warehousing, and logistics.

“I’m passionate about providing outstanding support to customer service representatives, particularly in the direct-sales industry. I thrive on helping people succeed,”

Turbill adds.

Zinzino hope health-conscious Australians will embrace their products as part of their wellness repertoire.


Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Zinzino is a direct-sales health and wellness company, focusing on long-term prosperity through its signature Balance Oil range and skincare products. The company also owns Bioactie Foods.

Zinzino operates throughout Europe, North America and, as of next month, Australia. Zinzino have over 120 employees worldwide, with offices in Sweden, Latvia, Norway, USA and Australia. For more information please visit www.zinzino.com/site/AU

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