Kosta Gara – From Solitary Confinement At 13 To Network Marketing Multi-Millionaire At 33

Kosta Gara - From Solitary Confinement At 13 To Network Marketing Multi-Millionaire At 33

On his 13th birthday, Kosta Gara was trapped in a prison, experiencing torture and solitary confinement as punishment for attempting to escape the tyrannical regime.

As a child, his entrepreneurial spirit typically flourished in times of silent reflection; but in his cell, he questioned if he would even make it out alive one day.

If only 13-year-old Kosta could have known he would one day become a monumental figure in the profession. From 13 to 33, all it took was 20 years for Kosta to become a multi-millionaire.

Today, he is CEO of a number of successful companies in the direct sales space, whose conglomerate businesses have done $525 Million in sales, and counting over the last 20 years.

With the start of 2020 around the corner, Kosta is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of his first site-launch, which consisted of a single static page.

Today, KostaGara.com is sporting an early reveal of its 2020 design filled with new downloads, tips, and resources for leaders of the industry, including his two-time “Best Seller,” Organic Networker.

“It’s my time now to give back to the profession that provided me with the opportunity to become a multi-millionaire,”

Kosta Gara said.

In the midst of the excitement of launching a newly designed site, Kosta reflected on his goals for the future, as well as what 2020 might have in store.

Having coached over 300 people, with 36 becoming millionaires under his mentorship, Kosta is ready for a new challenge.

He hopes his new website design represents where he started from, who he is today, and what he’s planning to contribute to the profession over the next 20 years.

For more information please visit www.kostagara.com


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