JIFU Announces First Recipient Of The Jetsetter Bonus, Ignacio Monge From Mexico

JIFU Announces First Recipient Of The Jetsetter Bonus, Ignacio Monge From Mexico

JIFU Travel, a provider of wholesale and vacancy travel, has announced Ignacio Monge from Mexico City, Mexico is the first Member Affiliate to earn the coveted Jetsetter Bonus from JIFU, valued at $12,000 in free travel.

In five short months from JIFU’s launch in May 2019, Ignacio has built an organization that spans the globe. With leaders, affiliates, members, and customers in over 30 countries, Ignacio has emerged as a leader who builds his business based on helping others succeed. In addition to earning the JIFU Jetsetter Bonus during this quick timeline, Ignacio has earned more than six figures in an unprecedented fashion.

Ignacio explains his excitement for the way JIFU’s Affiliates are compensated,

“The JIFU lifestyle plan is beyond amazing; it was truly designed by a leadership team that understands the affiliates’ needs.


The plan is structured to pay out a true 65%, and I can attest to the fact that affiliates at all levels make real money.”

In addition to the traditional team building, first order, matching commissions, and leadership bonuses, JIFU gives back to the members and affiliates (on a monthly basis) money to travel through its unique Travel Reward Credits (TRC’s) Bonus.

These TRC’s can be accumulated and used for further discounts on travel, restaurants, and even at activities at any time and do not expire for ten years.

In the first six months, tens of thousands of dollars of free travel has been used by thousands of affiliates and members around the world.

The Jetsetter Bonus is designed for travel use only and is paid through TRC’s. Through its’ proprietary nature, the Jetsetter Bonus accumulates within the affiliates’ travel portal $12,000 worth of free travel. Ignacio can use this as he wishes for personal or professional use and can even gift this to friends, family, or to support his various leaders’ travel to help them build their business.

Each week an additional 15% matching bonus of their team building commission will be added to their travel portal- up to $600 per week.

About JIFU

JIFU is a lifestyle company that offers subscription memberships and affiliate marketing opportunities to those interested in dream vacations at huge savings and wellness products and fitness programs that transform.

By leveraging the wholesale travel market without markups, JIFU Members have access to incredible travel and lifestyle deals not available to the public, or other online travel discount sites. Learn more at JIFU.com.


Get more information, facts and figures about Jifu, click here for the Jifu overview.

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