Is Unicity in Vietnam Manipulating Distributors?

Is Unicity in Vietnam Manipulating Distributors?

Adonis Nguyen from Vietnam has achieved the President Director Rank in Unicity compensation plan with a monthly  group revenue of $600,000 – $800,000.

Adonis is claiming:

  • Unicity is not paying out commissions because he married with top leader Irene Hoang.
  • Is not providing government tax numbers in Vietnam and is breaking the law.
  • Is manipulating their own code of conduct.
  • Is manipulating the distributor tree in Vietnam.
  • Is organizing a smear campaign.
  • Is preventing to transfer his Unicity business.

Adonis reached out to Business For Home and stated:

I would like to share my story about Unicity Vietnam.  I have been involved in multi-level marketing since 2014.

My team is the one of 2 biggest team in Unicity Vietnam. And to get that I has been working solely, all by myself for many years including blood, tears and money invested in training to become a professional network marketing distributor.

Currently in Vietnam, the two largest teams that distribute Unicity are my organization and my wife’s – Triple Diamond Irene Hoang, who 8 years ago, brought Unicity into the Vietnamese market.

3 years ago, we accidentally met and fall for others, my wife and I both head two different distribution systems, we are sidelines however Unicity Vietnam did not agree with us getting married, even though there was no law and policy on that.

They made up a story that I was violated their policy, Unicity suspended my distributor number and smear my honor. 

The company directly worked with my downlines to keep and grow sales, and found ways to eliminate me.

Unicity tried all sorts of ways to disadvantage me, I couldn’t believe an US company who has  a reputation for being civilised, can operate with its infantile rules.

My wife is one of the largest distributors of Unicity Vietnam, even the leading distributor in Asia and global. There are no legal provisions in multi-level business, and also the provisions of the contract of Unicity Vietnam signed with distributors, stated that the leaders of distribution teams, must not have feelings for each other, or marriaged to each other.

But Unicity Vietnam has find ways to exclude me from the system, freeze my distributor number, is blocking my income with vague reasons.

The fact that Unicity Vietnam arbitrarily cuts a distributor number is not just one case of mine. My downline has a distributor who earns  hundred millions VND per month, and Unicity Vietnam cut her number as well for a very silly reason, “for putting a negative comment about the company on social networks”.

Her monthly income is also up to hundreds of millions, but the company just likes to cut it off emotionally, but always says that according to their policy. Many of those who have been cut off are voiceless, when the company suspend the distributors, they cannot travel that far to Vietnam to handle while they are abroad. There are also those who take the initiative to cut, but the company also put their names as “Policy Violation” and “Being Disciplined.”

Recently, I discovered that I didn’t have a personal income tax number (PIT number) during my time as a distributor for Unicity.

To the best of my knowledge, each individual must have a PIT number to pay income tax if required according to the regulations of the Government. With Unicity Vietnam, distributors are always deducted 5% of their monthly income for the reason that this company pays their personal income tax. But I and many others could not find our PIT number, can not find it online, and do not receive an answer from Unicity.

Business For Home has reached out to Unicity, and received 3 days later the next response:

Unicity Suspend Vietnamese Top Leaders Adonis Nguyen & Irene Hoang

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