Unicity Suspend Vietnamese Top Leaders Adonis Nguyen & Irene Hoang

Unicity Suspend Vietnamese Top Leaders Adonis Nguyen & Irene Hoang

On 11 January we published about the case of Adonis Nguyen and Irene Hoang, who fall in love, married and got into trouble with Unicity.

As independent reporters we asked Unicity that same day for a response and today Unicity legal – Vice President Rocky Smart reached out to us with the next statement:

“My name is Rocky Smart and I work for Unicity International as our VP of Legal. I have recently been made aware of an article you ran regarding Unicity Vietnam manipulating distributors”.

For both the case of Adonis and Irene, we have suspended their accounts due to severe policy violations.

We have notified the government authorities that govern the MLM industry in Vietnam (VCA) and plan to defend our position legally in Vietnam as the facts and truth will justify the position we have taken.

We have always been 100% legal in Vietnam and are one of the few companies actively working with a proper MLM license.

To be honest, this is the first time I have heard of Business For Home, (editor: we did not know you either) but from what I can tell you are willing to run any article or story without any fact checking (editor: that’s not our objective).

If I am mistaken, and you did indeed contact Unicity prior to running the article, (editor: we did) then I apologize. (editor: thank you, apologies accepted)

As head of legal I believe I would have been made aware, but maybe not.

As is, please let me know if you have any desire to hear our side of the story and print a follow up story indicating what we consider to be the truth. I look forward to hearing from you. (Editor: here you go)


Rocky Smart
Vice President – EMEA Unicity International, Inc.

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