Business For Home Is Not “Biased” However Hard At Times

Business For Home Is Not "Biased" However Hard At Times

Recently we reported about the Isagenix lawsuit against Modere and we summarised the opinion of many top leaders outside the 2 involved companies.

Immediately this website was accused of “Being very biased”

Ted Nuyten – CEO Business For Home stated:

We have nothing against Isagenix or Modere. Our objective is to be fair and at times hard. Network Marketing is an awesome Business model and it make no sense if a company sues an other for “stealing downlines”. You do not own people in our opinion. “Make love, no war”.

This are the opinions of a few leaders:

Fred Pascal Stege:

These MLM nonsense suits where the distribution model is the “key factor’ have to stop, its digging a grave for all participants involved. (And triggering the FTC) “They stole my downline”; Whatareyagonnado?” Kill your downline? Kill the recruiter? People quit, people divorce, you can’t force them in any way. Become a better supplier might be an idea!

Jef Welch My two cents: When a company sues the leaders who are leaving it’s usually a tool used for various purposes. And it isn’t all about the damages and settlement.

1) A law suit’s first objective is to initiate an injunction against whomever they’re suing. This is similar to s cease and desist of which the judge basically gives directive to the person(s) sued to stop what they’re being accused of until the courts decide who is right or wrong.

2) The law suit is followed by discovery. This is where the opposing sides can subpoena records to determine their perspective case. This can include anything from files, emails, bank records, etc., to the mirror imaging of hard drives.

3) The suing party involved can usually expect a counter suit.

In this scenario, I see Isagenix under scrutiny by opinion for suing Modere. However Modere has done the same before changing their name to Modere and after changing their name. We seem to forget that.When a company sues a competitor and the leaders who shifted, it also sends a message of fear for those remaining at Isagenix that you better expect a law suit if you leave the company.

I find it interesting that most of the law suits which happen in MLM are hypocritical in that the same companies that attract leaders who have large teams, don’t just want the leader. They want that leader to bring their masses as well. Where do those masses come from? Any idiot would know the answer is, “wherever they’re leaving.”

Note: Law suits don’t help a company keep their bleeding from taking place. Modere (formally Neways) understands that very well. They dropped around 75% of their volume in 2007 due to the same actions that Isagenix is trying now.

Nerium tried the same. Same thing happened.  Companies need to quit suing people for leaving and they need to quit suing companies that attract them.
Why? Because that’s what gives our industry a sucky name.

Esther Wildenberg Only insecure people and ego’s spend time energy and money on unnecessary law suits. At the end of the day that will hurt your company more than you gain!

Avinash Nagamah That is a very bad move by Isagenix

Austin Zulauf Not sure this is a good move after they just acquired Zija…could be very counterproductive

Ken Seto The days of playing the BBB – Big Bad Bully card (just because you have lots of money to burn), are over. Some companies will end up learning this lesson the hard way. What a total waste of time.

Dino Nedelko This is ridiculous! No company should owe their distributors. If you listen to them and male them happy, real leaders will never leave. Those who will let them go. Your culture is not the place for them obviously. Focus on what you can give to people and not how you can threaten them…absurd!

Nnamdi Jarrod Wilkins-Agomo That’s dumb. Everyone in Network Marketing recruits their friends and associates from another company at some point.

Jenna Zwagil They should increase their comp plan, stop ✋?wearing suits and ties at the office + inspire creativity and natural growth among the ranks.

Tiffany McCormick  Our world Is already seeing division in many ways. MLM has always been my peaceful place. Shame on them for the attempt of dividing our beautiful industry along with the rest of the world.

Brandon Hayesit’s not a good move. I have been telling everyone that I thought the acquisition was gonna be really good for Z. After this, I am changing my thoughts.

Travis Bott Isagenix got complacent and lost sight of what built their company.

Dale Peake This needs to end and somehow these non competes etc need to be put in the trash.  I don’t agree w talking smack about companies as a distributor, and companies should not speak negative about other companies.  I see ISA suing Modere for slander etc, where is the documentation? Where is the written slander? I mean I would bet modere corporate team probably isn’t saying much, it’s coming from the field which is normal.

It’s a shame that ISA decided to try and flex their muscles in this situation.

Matthew Jamieson People switch companies all the time. Just like people switch jobs. Let them go. This is getting ridiculous.

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