Breaking News: Isagenix Sues Modere For Illegal Recruiting

Breaking News: Isagenix Sues Modere For Illegal Recruiting

The vast majority of network marketing leaders and industry watchers have the opinion:

  • Isagenix made a big mistake to sue Modere, a Utah based network marketing company.
  • According to Moody – a credit rating agency – Isagenix lost 23% of its sales in 2019, as in 2018.
  • Modere and its distributors are using social media in a far more effective way than Isagenix.
  • Isagenix corporate team under estimated, by far, the power of social media in the network marketing industry.
  • Isagenix corporate creates its own Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt under Isagenix distributors with this legal case.

The Isagenix statement to its distributors:

“We’ve made an important decision today to protect the prestigious Isagenix brand and your business. Together, for almost 20 years, we have worked extremely hard to become the leader in developing, producing, and selling one of the world’s most well-respected, science-backed, evidence-based nutritional and personal care product lines. Your many years of dedication have solidified success for the independent sales force and the company. Our stellar reputation deserves to be protected.

Recently, a competitor in the direct selling and personal care industries, Modere, has engaged in unethical behavior and has attempted and succeeded in illegally recruiting Isagenix Associates using untrue statements, exaggerated claims, and much more.


Modere has also amassed several Associates who have recently separated from Isagenix and social media influencers who are spreading incorrect and false information about our company.

This activity is simply unacceptable. We cannot allow a competitor to go unchecked in its attempt to attack and undermine our great company and brand. Most importantly, we will not allow them to attack our most important asset and partner in this business – and that is you, our Associates.

We have made numerous attempts to work with Modere and former Associates who have been attacking us over the last several months. We have requested politely, but insistently, and repeatedly that they put a stop to this inappropriate recruiting behavior on social media and in person. Our many urgent attempts have had absolutely no impact and the attacks continue — occurring even over the last 24 hours.

Sadly, because our pleas have gone unanswered, today our legal team filed a lawsuit (in Phoenix) against Modere and some of the individuals who have participated in uncompliant solicitation in an attempt to secure an immediate resolution and put a stop to this egregious behavior.

We want you to know that we do not take this matter lightly and feel we have no other alternative at this point than to go to court to protect your business and the Isagenix brand. We had no choice.

You have our commitment that we will do whatever we must in order to protect you and our company. Isagenix is strong and remains highly profitable and the road ahead appears promising and bright. But that will only remain true with our collective hard work and by protecting this brand we all hold dear.

So, what can you do? First and foremost, it’s critical that this battle be fought and won through our legal system, not on social media.


We would ask that you refrain from getting into debates on social media about this matter with Modere or their behavior. Nothing good will come from it.

That said, we want to make sure our Isagenix community is working together to spread the good news about Isagenix that helps us all accomplish our vision to create the most trusted and respected health and wellness company in the world. There are so many positive things happening at our company that is worthier of sharing and will help us to rise above the distractions.

We also want to make sure you are armed with the right answers and an appropriate response should you get questions from customers, friends or fellow-Associates on social media or in person. We have a Frequently Asked Questions resource for you to utilize should questions arise in person and includes a short social media response for you to use only if a post should be made on one of your personal or business social media pages. It directly links to the lawsuit posted on the Isagenix website.

On behalf of the entire Isagenix Executive Leadership Team, we want to thank you for your unwavering support and partnership. We have no doubt that our brightest days are ahead. You can rest assured that Isagenix is standing up for you and the company to defend our integrity and great reputation.

In partnership, Jim, Kathy & Erik Coover – Isagenix ELT

About Isagenix International

Established in 2002, Isagenix provides systems for weight loss, performance, vitality and well-being, personal care and beauty, and financial wellness​. With half a million customers worldwide and more than 100 products, packs, and systems globally, the company is committed to supporting healthy change in its customers’ and independent distributors’ lives.

Isagenix shares its products and solutions through a network of independent distributors in 14 markets: the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and South Korea. Isagenix is a privately owned company with headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona. For more information, visit​.


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