Former Flexkom Top Leader Asker Sakinmaz Will Appeal Against Belgium Court Sentence

Former Flexkom Top Leader Asker Sakinmaz Will Appeal Against Belgium Court Sentence

Asker Sakinmaz reached out the Business For Home and made the next statement:

According to our conversation today, I am happy to comment on the article as follows because something went completly wrong here. The truth is different.

Flexkom was in the field of cashback systems and had set up a new technology with a payback structure (points) for retailers so that they could use an additional customer loyalty system.

In 2012, I got to know Flexkom in Turkey after they had already collected and connected thousands of clients & retailers to the system.


The users had a Flexkom customer card and the retailers had the corresponding POS devices, whereupon these cards were used fully functional in thousands of shops.

Since this working technology was very well accepted, the company decided to bring the same system to Europe. There, however, those in charge had decided to switch to a tablet instead of the old-fashioned POS devices for the retailers.

Flexkom Europe GmbH had installed several thousand devices in more than 10 EU countries and it worked perfectly- on one occasion, we had used the card and ate pizza in Paris with Flexmoney (the Flexkom customer points).This was one out of thousands of transactions in europe. So nobody can say that the system was not working. But what we can say is that there were partners who invested in the franchise packs, but did not go to sell the products to the shops because it was work.

This is the same in every network marketing company. Just buying products to hope to get millionair will not work in any company. The best sollution for these kind of dreamers is asking their money back. Network is WORK not i dont want to work but need money.

The fact is, the system had delivered and it worked, therefore the company itself was acquitted and relieved of the proceedings. As far as I know, at the time, neither the company nor Mr. Ehliz had any bad intentions or any issues at all.

Due to personal reasons, I said goodbye to Flexkom in 2015 with my return and move to Turkey, as I had to take care of an illness in my family. At the end of my engagement with the company, Mr. Ehliz had the goal of making the platform even better, more modern and more marketable.

By this time, after I moved to Turkey and had left the company, both the devices and the complete system were fully functional. And as far as I know, it still works today. According to the acquittal of the company, the marketing plan was also in order to legal requirements.

My conviction in February 12th, 2020 is a complete shock to me and my family, since neither I nor anyone in my circle knew anything about the procedure, likely due to my relocation to Turkey. My last information from 2014 was that various retailers had started a class action lawsuit against Flexkom, as they were apparently not satisfied with the result of the system in Belgium, which one can assume would be because customers differ in product reception depending on the country.

Ten days ago, a mutual acquaintance with my former friend who met Erwin F. informed me by phone that on 12.02.2020 there was a court hearing, where my name was included.

As evidenced by this court date, since I have not lived in the EU since 2015,  any court papers were not delivered to me thus I was left unaware of any proceedings. The written of the court is saying the same. İ did not came to court because i did not know that i was involved.

After consulting a Belgian lawyer today, he will appeal on Monday on my behalf to challenge the decision and to bring sufficient witnesses to the court – dealers where the equipment or the entire Flexcom system worked for at the time of my activity – so that in the further course of the renewed proceedings my innocence will be shown, just like the company itself.

I have been active in network marketing for 32 years and have never been guilty of anything, much less defrauded any person of their money and will now be able to prove this in the newly rolled out legal proceedings resulting from the appeal.

İn the time i was active in Flexkom we had a working system, the products were delivered, every payment by franchise partner are been paid directly to the german company fully compliance and laws. The company has been spoken free. We just distributed the service and products from company to partner. Starting monday i will have the chance to show the reality to the court.

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