Steven W. Martin Joins Ascira As International Brand Ambassador

Steven W. Martin Joins Ascira As International Brand Ambassador

Steven W. Martin proudly represents ASCIRA as International Brand Ambassador.

Understanding global cultures and having keen business acumen has allowed Steve Martin to develop effective strategies that enable him to build and grow world-class teams along with providing top-notch field support worldwide.

As an accomplished serial entrepreneur with over three decades of experiences, Steve has always focused his attention on attracting and partnering with like-minded people.

His business portfolio includes traditional business experience in the construction industry, land development, oil and gas, real estate; and restaurant ownership; as well as operating corporations of over 200 employees that produced in excess of $250 million dollars of revenues.

Entering the Network Marketing industry in 2008, Steve quickly discovered that mastering the art of building relationships and connecting people to their purpose would allow him the opportunity to build a global business and greatly impact peoples lives.

Over the next 12 years, Steve created a worldwide presence in the industry and worked in partnership with over 300,000 team members spanning over 50 countries.

Working as a Founding Member of a corporation that grossed over $2 billion dollars in corporate sales, he and several members of his team became multi-million-dollar earners as they achieved over $280 million dollars in group sales volume for the company.

Between 2013-2018, Steve also was a top 3 Global Income Earner; a top International New Market Developer in Asia, Europe and South America between 2010- 2018 and a top Global Mentor and Coach from 2014-2019.


With his experience, results and business acuity, Steve became a founding member of the company’s Global Distribution Counsel, representing field members in 50 countries.

Steve has invested most of his adulthood in the pursuit of personal growth and development; he exudes proficiency in leadership, management, sales, marketing and public speaking. In addition to his Dale Carnegie training and certification, with “focused attention and a burning desire to succeed”, Steve became a certified Napoleon Hill Facilitator in 2012. He also co-authored his first best-selling book in 2016 in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

In partnership with ASCIRA, Mr. Martin will continue to build a global presence using a very simple yet effective approach. Steve believes that “people are the true power of any business; systems run businesses and people run systems. Your success should never be a surprise, always start with the end in mind. Remember that risk simply comes from not knowing where you are going, and how you are getting there!” and “None of us is as smart as ALL of us”.

Steve’s mission is to create awareness that success is available to everyone by creating a culture of inclusion and not exclusion.


Launching in March of 2020, ASCIRA will become a global leader in the field of education, direct sales and in network marketing industry. For more information on ASCIRA, you may contact us at [email protected]. For more information please visit


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