Nicolas Andreasson Achieves 4 Star Rank at CELLEMENTS

Nicolas Andreasson Achieves 4 Star Rank at CELLEMENTS

In the wake of the current outbreak CELLEMENTS sales has soared, allowing Detroit based distributor, Nicolas Andresson be the first person to advance to 4 Star Rank.

As a serial entrepreneur running multiple companies, Nicolas was the first person to join the company after seeing and hearing about its innovative product line. Today his team is expanding in the US and Europe. Efforts to open Canada are in progress and Nicolas is leading the charge towards new markets.

Earlier Nicolas stated:

Traditional alcohol based products smells a lot, evaporate fast, is a potential danger of fire & abuse and also dries out the skin but worst – it does diminish our immune system by penetrating and solving our natural skin moisture.


BioPocket Screen & Hand Spray is designed to be a topical protection and not penetrating our skin and gives a long lasting effect and instead become a pre-lounge or our immune system.

Swedish Innovative Bio Science with BioChemist Philip Wilhelmsson is responsible for R&D, this is already a recognised formula in the field of professionals. Now exclusively available for Partners at Cellements.

CELLMENTS congratulates Nicolas on all of his success and is looking forward to future rank advancements within his team and himself.


The company provides its customer cutting edge Swedish science offering safe bio products with a minimal environmental footprint, all in a credit card sized spray.

Currently there are 7 biopocket sprays. The Screen & Hand Spray, Sun Care, No Mosquito and Refresh. New additions include Rest, to help regulate sleep. Boost, a plant based energy spray. DNA Repair, clinically proven to stimulate collagen growth keeping unwanted wrinkles and puffy eyes away. For more information visit

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