VYVO’s Economic Stimulus Plan For All VYVO Members And Employees

VYVO’s Economic Stimulus Plan For All VYVO Members And Employees

According to a VYVO Press release:

In less than a year after VYVO’s amazing launch, VYVO has become one of the fastest growing network marketing companies worldwide, in terms of revenue growth.

VYVO’s impressive growth is driven by strong leadership, incredible technology and its generous business model. The strength of the VYVO business model is clearly evident as it continues to bring significant rewards and huge success to its members, despite these difficult times.

We know, now more than ever, it is difficult to do business.  We need to make a special effort to promote the VYVO mission for the benefit of all.  At this unprecedented time, and in recognition of the exceptional effort being made by VYVO members and employees, VYVO has created an Economic Stimulus Plan.

For the next 4 VYVO cycles, from April 13th until May 10th, VYVO will increase its TVC payout to members by 25%. This will immediately increase member income during this period. VYVO employee’s will receive a Stimulus Plan bonus as a way of saying “Thank you and keep up the good work”.

Our employees are exceptional and together with our members, they continue to work under these difficult and challenging circumstances to make great things happen. It is this combined activity under pressure that is the essence and is at the core of the VYVO community. It is this unity of purpose that ensures that VYVO’s dream will become a reality for everyone.

VYVO has a big heart. It appreciates effort under the pressure, especially during  these uncertain times. It firmly embraces all of the VYVO family and understands the importance of providing additional support when it is needed. Mr Fabio Galdi, VYVO’s CEO and President stated:

“We are justifiably proud of our successes over the past year and we are very grateful to everyone who made this possible – our members, our employees and our families.

Today, although our business environment is very different, we are well positioned to mover forward. We appreciate your heroic efforts. We are pleased that our business continues to grow and we are particularly thankful that we can give back to you at this time.

We are confident that everything will be OK, because we know that together we will overcome this challenge and we will become stronger than before.

In the meantime, take some time to exercise, monitor your health and wellbeing and most importantly, stay safe and keep well.”

About Vyvo Inc

We are a technology and network marketing company, using technology to create innovative solutions for the personalized health and wellness market worldwide. We are focused on developing consumer-oriented products that protect, monitor and empower people to improve their health through daily knowledge and informed choices. We create customized solutions to help our customers manage their most important asset, themselves and their life.

Our technology driven mission matches our network marketing soul. We are all about expanding concepts of personal growth and development, not only focusing on health but also on prosperity and economic wellbeing. For more information, please see www.vyvo.com


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