MannaLIVE! Viewed By 10,000 People Around The World

MannaLIVE! Viewed By 10,000 People Around The World

For over a quarter century, Mannatech, a publicly-traded health and wellness company has been known as leader in science and technology for developing high-quality supplements sold through independent Associates in 25 global markets.* Each year, Mannatech’s largest and most anticipated event is MannaFest.

In November 2019, corporate executives at Mannatech met with department heads to discuss the vision for MannaFest 2020, scheduled for late April at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. To capitalize on the racing theme and tie in with their business objectives for growing the company at a rapid pace, the teams unanimously agreed on the slogan ‘Accelerate 2020.’ No one could have predicted just how prophetic this tagline would become.

Company Leaders Make Tough Decisions

In February 2020, the highly-contagious COVID-19 swept the Asian Pacific and began concerning US Officials when people in the Pacific Northwest contracted the virus. By March, with their annual event just weeks away, Chief Executive Officer and President Al Bala and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Landen Fredrick were forced to make some difficult decisions.

In order to protect the health and safety of Mannatech Associates, customers and staff, they decided to postpone MannaFest until fall, following suit of other major corporations such as Amazon, Facebook, Google.

The Show Must Go On

However, as a visionary leader, Bala proposed instead a global event of epic proportions via live streaming, open to anyone in the direct selling industry. He wanted to invite some of the most distinguished authors, public speakers, coaches and professionals in the network marketing industry, as well as Mannatech leaders and corporate executives, for a 12-hour event broadcast all over the world.

Then, a week later, just before the NBA canceled their season and the government mandated non-essential businesses to close their doors, he gave Mannatech employees the option work from home. Soon afterward, most of the staff set up home offices and started conducting team meetings via Zoom to comply with social distancing.


 Executing an Event Remotely

The company now faced a daunting challenge; how would the corporate staff, working remotely, pull off an unprecedented event on a global scale, within a short time frame.

While many other companies in the direct selling space were cancelling their events, Mannatech was ramping up to host one of the largest, most technologically innovative events the direct selling industry had ever seen. With the event just weeks away, company leaders faced the following challenges:

  • Stay engaged with a staff working from home; assign responsibilities and keep everyone accountable and updated with initiatives and changes.
  • Plan, organize and coordinate the 12-hour long streaming event with a long list of professional guest speakers, field leaders and corporate executives.
  • Effectively market and communicate the event on a global scale in 5 languages.


Plans for a M5M® Fundraising Event

Mannatech executives began acknowledging the far-reaching economic impact the health pandemic might cause, so they decided to use MannaLIVE! as a platform to raise funds for M5M, a non-profit foundation that nourishes children around the world. For every $100 customer spend on Mannatech products, the company donates a one-month supply of PhytoBlend™ powder to help nourish a child in need. Now, with many requiring assistance in the U.S. and abroad, holding a fundraiser in tandem with their event made sense.

 Staff Works at Accelerated Pace

All teams worked toward rolling out initiatives to prepare for the live streaming event. Although employees worked from home, they connected regularly via Zoom meetings, through email and project management platforms. With an all-hands-on-deck approach, the events team managed the project, working closely with marketing to promote the event. The product team put together immunity promotional specials to sell during the event and IT managed the e-commerce site and added a vanity page dedicated to the event.

 Planning and Execution for the Global Streaming Event

The event was scheduled to air from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST on April 25 with 37 guest speakers from Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Japan, US, Canada and Australia. Working within tight time constraints, and to remain in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Drug Adminstration regulations, guest speakers pre-recorded their presentations.

The speakers included a list network marketing heavy hitters:

  • John Fleming, Gig Economy Book co-author, and Direct Selling Associate Hall of Fame member
  • Eric Worre, Internationally Recognized Network Marketing Pro
  • Courtney Epps, Author, Public Speaker and Tax Strategist
  • Todd Falcone, Network Marketing Author, Trainer and Educator
  • MJ Durkin, Sales Trainer and Public Speaker
  • Cesar L. Rodriguez, Speaker, Coach and Trainer
  • Tammy Lane, Business Growth Accelerator

Effective Content Marketing & Communications

The marketing team created content marketing copy and design to promote MannaLIVE! that encompassed a logo, vanity landing page, blog posts, emails, social media and text notifications. Mr. Bala conducted a series of video interviews with guest speakers to further generate awareness and excitement. An Eventbrite invitation encouraged attendees to pre-register and Customer Care promoted the event and fielded calls.


 MannaLIVE! Global Streaming Event a Success

Bringing all the moving parts together within three weeks was a monumental feat. However,  the outpouring of positive response spoke volumes: the event was a success. More than 3,000 pre-registered for the free day of steaming and upwards of 10,000 people attended throughout the 12-hour broadcast. Product sales showed spikes during the event and teams from Canada to South Africa and Australia reported outstanding team building and recruiting.^

The professional speakers, Associate leaders and corporate executives gave stellar performances. Viewers posted words of gratitude on social media. One of the keynote speakers, industry icon John Fleming, was moved to write a riveting recap about the event, declaring it a defining moment. Click here to access his review

Post Event Training

After the event, the training continued. The following week, the marketing team posted on-demand videos and social post of key takeaways of guest speaker on the site for people to access and share on social media. Some of the videos garnered hundreds of downloads within the first few weeks.

Contributions for M5M

Mannatech agreed to match contributions by 100 percent up to $50,000 and raised enough donations in one day to provide 320,000 meals. M5M immediately contributed 50,000 meals each to Dallas and Los Angeles area food banks, and based on need, will designate future donations.

The following week, Mr. Bala personally delivered donations to the Crossings Food Bank in South Dallas. Not only did the event raise funds for locally afflicted families, but increased awareness about M5M for future contributions.

Paving the Way for the Future

When Mannatech decided to promote ‘Accelerate 2020,’ they had no way to predict the rapid pace the company could accelerate to plan for the event, or how far reaching their event would expand their footprint, reaching people around the world. But with strategic planning, and effective marketing and communications, Mannatech rose to the challenge during a crisis that will forever change the way businesses operate. Once again, Mannatech established themselves as a pioneer in innovation and technology.

“We will continue to use streaming technology to host future events,” says Mr. Bala. “The way the staff, the speakers, the Associates and everyone around the world came together for this event was just amazing, and we are so privileged to be at this company, at this time, at this event, to nourish hope and help people around the world.”

About Mannatech

Mannatech, Incorporated, offers a profound wellness experience that makes a difference in the lives of people across the world. Through its innovative Glyconutrition products, Mannatech changes lives, providing an unprecedented level of natural wellness, freedom and purpose. With 25 years of experience and operations in 26 markets^, Mannatech is committed to changing lives.

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*Mannatech operates in China under a cross-border e-commerce platform that is separate from its network marketing model.


Get more information, facts and figures about Mannatech, click here for the Mannatech overview.

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