MLM Leaders Licet Lima and Javier Gonzalez Join Velovita

MLM Leaders Licet Lima and Javier Gonzalez Join Velovita

Zero Hesitation for Mother and Son Duo to Begin their Next Epic Journey with Velovita

Single mother, Licet Lima, and her son Javier Gonzalez, both worked extremely hard and long hours as housekeepers in order to support each other. This mother and son duo wanted more out of life and looked for a better way; however, they knew that trading more time for money was not a promising long term solution.

After realizing the potential of network marketing, and with Javier being a very young adult, they decided it wouldn’t hurt to give the profession a try. As many successful business builders experience, they had their ups and downs, but never gave up.

Years later, they were on their way to financial freedom and built an extremely large organization taking over their Latin community. The family was finally earning the income they had dreamed of when they first started in network marketing.


However, after a few years of hard work and commitment they realized in order for them to create massive success, it would become an uphill battle due to the fact that they were competing against a million other reps in the same company.

So, in pursuit for more, they started searching for a new home: a place where no one had heard of and that they could call their own, invite new people to join a ground floor opportunity, and become pioneers. A fateful phone call from a dear friend, and one V-pack sample later, along with meeting the executive team on a Zoom call, Lima and Gonzalez were all in with Velovita.

They began building their business pretty quickly across the country and were part of launching Mexico on July 30th (the fourth country to join the Velovita family this year.

The rest is history. This powerhouse duo felt Brān Reimagined’s powerful effects immediately and felt liberated again in knowing that they could bring a fresh opportunity with a unique compensation plan to their community where their representatives weren’t just a number.

“What we loved best besides the leadership and corporate team is the compensation plan – we are so impressed that it doesn’t flush out our hard work we do every month!”

Gonzalez said with utter excitement.

Within only a few short days after the Mexico launch, they achieved their first rank as Rising Stars. Their drive and inspiration came from personally meeting the Founder and CEO, Kosta Gara, where they were able to relate to his story. They saw that it wasn’t just another company built on corporate concepts, it was a company founded on love and reciprocation back to the profession that allowed Kosta to live a life reimagined with a management team of over 60 years combined experience.

Through the incredible support of Jeff Mack, the President and Co-Founder and the Global Master Distributors, they know that this is the winning team they joined, and can finally plant their flag and put their blinders on to build the legacy they’ve always wanted to.

Network marketing not only restored faith in their future, but also brought their family together after many years of being apart.

“Our goal is to do the same with families and share this opportunity with 5 million people.” Said Lima. At this rate they are well on their way to!

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