Velovita’s Debut First Animated Video: A State Of Flow

Velovita’s Debut First Animated Video: A State Of Flow

Velovita has debuted its new animated video on how easily their flagship product Bran Reimagined, pronounced [breyn], works. So far, it has had a smashing success from the field, it has generated much curiosity, and it has generated even more product sales since its release this past weekend.

Household income and spirits have taken a toll due to the alarming unemployment rise. With that being said, Velovita became the first network marketing company to lead with a nootropic with a heavy focus on mindset and personal development to carry people through these difficult times.

Learn How To Be in a State of Flow with Brān Reimagined! from Velovita Official on Vimeo.

“What an eye-opener to a part of our body that I never paid attention to! Thank you, Velovita for making me become more aware!”

Said, Kelly C.

“This has helped me to understand that our brains require more nutrients for everything else to ‘flow’.”

Said, Josh P.

Velovita has been paving the way for former “Nine to Fivers” in providing a solid business model built for anyone to succeed. Because they’ve bridged direct selling and e-commerce together, it’s allowed many people to either build a team or just become a retailer of their product.

“It’s a great deal to us to ensure that our Members have the right tools to be able to build seamlessly. With so many products out there, that seems too confusing for people to market, we wanted to make it so simple that even a child could understand the benefits and effects of our product.”

Said, Jeff Mack, Co-Founder, and President.


Founded on 90+ years of in-house operational and field success, VELOVITA is on point in becoming a global leader of innovation in the field of nanoceuticals, community expansion, support, and social selling.

Their mission is to provide a global ecosystem of inspiration, education, and life enrichment for the new world entrepreneur. Velovita has a singular focus on the individual to increase their daily performance, both mentally and physically. Launched in the U.S. on May 5th, 2020, and since then has linked arms with Canada, Japan, and Mexico.

For more information on VELOVITA, please visit or Velovita’s Facebook page. You may also contact us at [email protected]. To join the new movement, click here for the Velovita Member Rewards. We know you’ll #LOVIT!


Get more information, facts and figures about Velovita, click here for the Velovita overview.

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