SendOutCards Announces The Launch of Greener Still And 5 New Income Streams

Greener Still, a Salt Lake City-based tech company, launched today as a new network marketing company offering SendOutCards, an 18-year veteran in the industry, and five new companies and income streams.

Based on the Promptings philosophy, all of Greener Still’s companies help the Affiliate and custome act on their inner and outer promptings as they develop stronger relationships with themselves, others, and their business.

“Wherever the water streams flow, they nourish the soil and the grass grows greener still. Our streams flow with relationship development products and services. Our nourishment streams give to our relationships with self, others, and business. The result; our income and wellbeing grows Greener Still,”

Greener Still Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Kody Bateman said.

“Greener Still is a revolutionary ground floor business opportunity. We are backed by SendOutCards, a seasoned 18-year relationship development company. Our mission, then and now, is to help millions of people act on their promptings and create a vehicle for financial success. Greener Still takes this mission to a whole new level.”

The six income streams include focusing on self, others, and business are as follows:


• Blue 42 For Life offers industry-leading supplements and products to help the customer become their best self for the people who matter most.
• Prompting U is an online education platform with courses from experts in the fields of personal development, business, and relationship marketing.


• SendOutCards, a unique online greeting card and gift system that makes it easy for anyone to act quickly when prompted to reach out to others.
• Bella Cadeaux, a boutique gift company believes that the gifts customers give should be remembered forever.


• Stream Marketing offers a streamlined and consolidated way to market a business online.
• Steam Virtual Assistant helps customers stay connected and expand their reach. Time-consuming tasks can be handed off so all efforts can go toward building relationships and business growth.

About Greener Still

Greener Still offers both an Affiliate program and a Customer Referral Program. Greener Still Affiliates earn multiple streams of income, create their own schedule, help people build relationships, all while making the world a better place.

Greener Still Customer Referral Partners can share a referral link with others to earn credits for use at the six different companies. Greener Still is a better way to do business, to find financial success, to create relationships, and to grow personally and professionally. For more information please visit


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