Vyvo Becomes Publicly Traded In A $50 Million Transaction

Helo Corp. (OTC PINK:HLOC) (“Helo” or the “Company), a leading developer of wearable wireless devices embedded with Life Sensing TechnologyTM and dedicated to improving wellness worldwide, is pleased to announce the closing of its acquisition of Vyvo Inc. (“Vyvo”) on January 1, 2021, which transfers the Vyvo business into a publicly traded entity.

Vyvo is building a worldwide community of passionate users who leverage technology to live healthier and happier lives with greater prosperity.

The all stock transaction encompasses the issuance by Helo of 50 million common shares, 100 Preferred A Super Voting shares and 2 million Preferred B shares in exchange for Vyvo’s strategic assets, including patents, technologies and operational assets.

These assets include Nutramatic, GlucoStrap, Artificial Intelligence(AI) protocols and machine learning processes and Vyvo Network Software. As part of the transaction, $1.8 million of Helo’s debt was forgiven. In addition, Vyvo members who are already shareholders will automatically attain shares in HLOC.

This transaction, effective January 1, 2021 has enabled Helo Corp. to secure all of the technological assets and capabilities necessary to transition from a wholesale device business to a business-to-consumer business model where HLOC secures increased revenues from the sale of its devices (as it captures a greater portion of the value chain) and additional revenues from the sale of other Vyvo products and services.

Sean McVeigh, Helo’s Chief Executive Officer, commented,

“This transaction that brings Vyvo public is a major milestone for us and we wish to thank all who made it possible. We look forward to executing on our strategic plan by capitalising on Vyvo’s leading position in the digital health industry, and building shareholder value for our holders, employees, partners and Vyvo members.”

Fabio Galdi, Vyvo’s Chief Executive Office, stated,

“Going public has always been part of the Vyvo’s mission and now that we have achieved this important objective, we can bring even more value to Vyvo members who, as shareholders, will continue to promote Vyvo going forward, securing Vyvo’s revenue stream.


We will utilize our new public currency as an incentive and retainment tool for our members in order to build shareholder value.”

Vyvo’s established global presence and network marketing approach, combined with social selling enables it to reach consumers worldwide. The Company has 80+ employees in 10 locations, spanning USA, Japan, Taiwan, India, China, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Italy and Ireland.

According to Fabio Galdi, Vyvo’s customer acquisition process is simple and highlights that one of the key revenue drivers is that Vyvo users who are passionate about Vyvo’s product offering and who choose to promote Vyvo to other potential users, receive a commission when the prospect becomes a Vyvo customer by placing an order directly with Vyvo. With this approach, Vyvo has established business in Asia and is preparing its North America launch in the second quarter of 2021.

According to the Deloitte’s video “The Future of Health”, Deloitte states that, “20 years from now, radically interoperable data and open and secure will allow consumers to own their own journey of health.” Click on the icon to view Deloitte’s video1:

Fabio Galdi states that

“We have the technology and capability so we are not willing to wait until 2040. We are already building many aspects of the “The Future of Health” ecosystem outlined in the Deloitte video. Vyvo users today enjoy features such as Guardian Alert, which can detect changes or deviations in their vital signs so they are alerted and can take immediate action.


Our users also benefit from personalized AI generated reports and customized products, based on their data (similar to “precision medicine”). In addition, in this age where individual rights and privacy is being challenged, Vyvo will provide users with their own unique cryptographic key so they are in control of their data. only Vyvo users hold their own Etherium blockchain private cryptographic key which allows them to be in full control of their data all of the time.


With all of these elements in place, we believe that Vyvo has created the first self-funded, “Digital Health Sharing Economy” because we use blockchain technology to share the revenue generated from Digital Health industry, expected to reach US$833 billion by 20272 with these users themselves. We actually pay our users for their data which is automatically gathered when they wear our Vyvo Life Watch!”

For an overview of Vyvo’s LifeWatch Generation 2, please click on the icon3:


About Helo Corp.

Helo Corp. (OTC: HLOC) is a wellness technology company in the digital health sharing economy using life watches and its proprietary bio-metrics data platform to encourage wellness-centered lifestyles and consumer data empowerment. Our Life Sensing TechnologyTM uses state-of-the-art sensors, enhanced signal processing, and algorithms to collect and process specific bio-parameters for the user and Healthtech market.

We incentivize our userbase with Vyvo Utility Tokens to continuously build up our shared bio-bank through self-tracking. Our two-sided data rich platform collects health data from the users which we analyze and use AI to formulate customized and personalized user reports, user alerts and Nutrapak supplements, and our platform also presents Big Data opportunity for developers, medical research, and diagnostics.

For further information on Vyvo and Helo, please click on the links below:
https://www.vyvo.com and https://www.helocorp.com


Get more information, facts and figures about VYVO, click here for the VYVO overview.

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