Top Leader Viraj Patil From India Breaks Records with iX Global

Viraj Patil, a 27 year old Civil Engineer from Mumbai India, is the newest rising star in the Network Marketing profession who has quickly become a top income earner with iX Global.

Born into a lower middle class family, Viraj was his parents’ best hope for a better life. They bet everything on him and provided the best formal education they could, and in 2014 Viraj graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Four years ago he joined one of the largest direct selling companies in India, and even though he worked with passion and attended events which expanded his vision, he struggled to produce results. He always believed in daily self improvement and competing with himself so he didn’t give up. It was then that Viraj learned that:

“The only difference between the rich and the poor is financial literacy, which makes the rich more rich.”

This led Viraj to become well versed in the e-commerce space as he joined a fintech company in 2019, and from there his results began to improve. At the beginning of the 2020 pandemic he found a permanent home with a group of innovative people involved in the same space yet with a much larger opportunity for emerging markets.

At a time when the majority of businesses were hit hard by the challenges of 2020, Viraj’s  team’s success started to create buzz in multiple markets.

In a very short time he has built an organization of over 43,000 people with business in 9 different countries, from Asia to Europe to Africa. He is one of the youngest people ever to reach this level of network marketing success in India.

He has also helped over 500 people to earn at least twice the average salary for their region, and is well known in his teams for significantly impacting their lives and empowering them to achieve more. He himself has achieved even more than his family ever expected, and his journey is inspiring people all over the globe.

Viraj believes that the IX Global platform changes the game by allowing the ordinary person to become extraordinary through it’s life changing opportunity. He also believes that with a tremendous work ethic, a win-win mindset and the proven system he uses that anyone can become their best self and achieve their desired lifestyle.

About iX Global

The iX platform is a new generation social network, improving upon existing social media norms. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, USA, iX Global is an emerging leader in the fields of education, direct sales and social networking.

With its next-generation social ecosystem driven by community based e-learning and influence mentoring, the opportunity to make a positive impact on others is coupled with a comprehensive set of financial tools for it’s Independent Brand Ambassadors, known in-platform as Influencers.

You can learn more about iX global by visiting our website , or by downloading the iX Global App from either the Apple Store or Play Store. The base iX platform is free, however you will need a Referrer to invite you and provide access to the App’s content.

Get more information, facts and figures about iX Global, click here for the iX Global overview.

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