Zinzino Celebrates A 220% Increase In Revenue In Asia-Pacific

January is a pivotal month in the health and wellness industry that has been experiencing tremendous growth across the world in recent months. Zinzino, a global nutritional supplement company from Scandinavia is celebrating a 220% increase in revenue in the Asia-Pacific region, compared to January 2020.

There is a cohort of fresh faces behind the strong growth in APAC, who have reached new milestones within Zinino’s business structure.

We had a phenomenal start to 2021, surpassing all other regions including North America (52% increase) and South and West Europe (156%),

says Emily Arnold, APAC Chief Marketing Officer.

What’s even more impressive is how new many of these now-leaders are to Zinzino.

Every Partner has their unique, interesting story to tell which led them to Zinzino – but there’s also a shared vision to inspire positive change, in their families, teams, and on a global scale. Zinzino’s hero, breakthrough product, BalanceOil, rebalances a person’s Omega-6:3 ratio, thrown off by the modern lifestyle, within 120 days. 95% of Australians are living with bodies out of balance.

Cherry Li, who fell in love with the no income cap of direct selling, became Australia’s first Zinzino President.


YunLan Dong reached Royal Ambassador rank and LiHong (Lisa) Zhang trailed as the newest Ambassador. While Howard Shen, Yvonne Lu and Qi (Cindy) Wang now have their Black Crowns.

There are three new Royal Crown achievers:

  • BaoXian (Fiona) Wu
  • Dong Ni
  • Vivian Liang

and eight Crowns. They are

  • JiangJu (Mary) Song
  • Li (Lily) Guo
  • Qingmei (May)
  • Zhao-Wilson
  • Zhihan Cao Jun (Jenny) Li,
  • Fu Chang Tang
  • Fengying Shi
  • Lai Mun Ong.

Zinzino Asia Pacific also welcomes 18 new Directors, 32 Diamonds, 31 Platinum, 99 Executives, 59 Gold and 88 Silver.

It certainly helps when you love the products. YunLan Dong left a traditional business (and its stresses) to serve more people through Zinzino. After implementing BalanceOil into her health acumen, she saw the need for it on a wide scale.

Our most successful partners don’t come from health or marketing backgrounds. They’re just regular people from varied careers, who want to make a change in their own lives and others with test-based products that really make a difference,”

Emily adds.

The immense growth in the Asia-Pacific region is partly due to the fact that it’s a market just at the start of the Zinzino expansion. Australia is also known for its focus on health and wellness, a factor that plays a part in the recent success. Zinzino has seen an increase in revenue of USD $85.6 million, compared to the previous 12 months.

About Zinzino

Zinzino AB (publ.) is a global direct sales company from Scandinavia that markets and sells test-based nutritional supplements, skincare and lifestyle products. Zinzino owns the research unit BioActive Foods AS and production unit Faun Pharma AS. Zinzino is based in Gothenburg, Sweden with additional offices in Finland, Latvia, Norway, USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Zinzino is a public company and its shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. For more information please visit www.zinzino.com


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