Brooke Hidde Reaches All-Star Rank At Velovita

Brooke Hidde is a total inspiration all across-the-board. After turning her early struggles into success, she is now focused on providing a better life for her young son while also helping better the lives of others.

Those positive impacts of being able to help others experiencing difficult times is something Brooke empathizes with. Following a tough battle with addiction, Brooke Hidde was able to persevere and is now happily sober. And now with Velovita, Brooke can enjoy her successes more than ever before.

When asked what she was most proud of after so much adversity, Brooke had this to say:

“Remaining committed to my goal. I am now a stay-at-home mom and that is something I have been working towards for 6 years. Giving up is easier sometimes.


I know what rock bottom feels like, and I don’t ever want to take life for granted again. We have one life, and my goal is to make the most of it and help others do the same.”

Now an All-Star with Velovita, Brooke is sharing her impactful story with others and creating a loving environment for everyone to thrive in.

“My momma who is no longer here with us, would always tell me to smile to others even if they don’t smile back. That you never know whose day you made by that one gesture.


She led by example just as I am now trying to do. I Just want to love on people and show others that they are worthy. This industry allows a person to touch more lives and inspire the masses.”

Stated Brooke.

Her loving efforts towards others did not go unnoticed. This past February during their official launch event, Velovita awarded Brooke Hidde with the first ever Velovita Enthusiasm Award, celebrating her positive attitude and energy while promoting Velovita’s innovative products.

Brooke Hidde continues to succeed, and the sky is the limit in her future with Velovita. A future she hopes many others can be a part of.

“If you are looking for something impactful…It is here. We work hard, love hard and fully believe in not only the product, but each other.


I fully believe we have the full package. Quality products that work and a group of people collectively working together to bring it to as many people as we possibly can.


Our system is flawless, the leadership is top-notch, and we are only going up from here. It is such a magical thing to be able to be one of the first to help grow this baby company!”

Velovita President Jeff Mack had this to share when asked about Brooke Hidde:

“Velovita is quickly becoming one big family and it’s mostly because of amazing individuals like Brooke Hidde. She is an amazing mother and entrepreneur! We are so proud of her and of how she is inspiring others to turn their adversity into their strength and determination to write a much better chapter for their lives.”

Brooke Hidde with co-founders Kosta Gara (right) and Jeff Mack (left)

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