ByDzyne Welcomes Global Legacy Influencer Marc Cohen To Its Team

While ByDzyne has been making tremendous leadership headway on the international front, they are also celebrating a major breakthrough in the US market, bringing on the invaluable impact of global visionary influencer Marc Cohen to their team.

Cohen, known as “Mr. Inspirational” in the industry, brings with him over 40 years of experience as a global international leader with multiple top-level billion-dollar businesses and organizations. He is also the CEO and Founder of Buy Direct Development International Companies, an Arizona-based organization that assists clients in increasing their business’s global branding, productivity, and market diversification.

The renowned consultant, whose personal goals of helping others line directly up with ByDzyne’s mission of providing unlimited options and possibilities for each individual and Brand Ambassador, is grateful for not only the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but for the potential to help others re-establish their legacy with the most promising network marking company out there.

“I am extremely humbled with gratitude to be able to join forces with legendary Chairmen Nat and Chanida Puranaputra and this ground-breaking company. My goal is to help bring this movement to the next level and assist in brand awareness, company culture, and global expansion. I am so excited to join this revolution, and help bring this amazing opportunity to the world,”

shared an enthusiastic Cohen.

Cohen’s history also includes proficiency in networking, advisement, and strategic marketing, and he most recently was involved in aiding ByDzyne to launch its new Philippines office in February. With a highly-rich experience in southeast Asia, he also intends to assist the company’s expansion efforts into China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, and other prominent Asian nations.

ByDzyne’s executive team is thrilled that Cohen has joined, and believes there is no limit to how far he can help take the company.

“We are absolutely delighted that Marc Cohen, with his vast experience and impressive networking resume, has joined the ByDzyne movement. The timing is impeccable, and we have the utmost confidence that he will have such a positive impact on our company, our vision, and our expansion goals. Welcome to BD Nation Marc—you are a wonderful addition to the family and we look forward to seeing you do big things,”

conveyed the Puranaputras.

Cohen can’t wait to get started. His focus for the next few months will be raising company awareness, and collaborating with ByDzyne’s leadership team to share more in-depth about the 5 Core Traits, a transformative teaching that he specializes in, that has brought monumental growth to hundreds of businesses in his past.

“With honest assessment and dedicated development in company integrity, accountability, diligence, perseverance, and discipline, I believe ByDzyne will be able to fully thrive. The company’s vision, products, and multi-faceted approach are already on another level, so there’s no reason to not expect exponential growth and celebration for years to come,”

expressed an extremely confident Cohen.

About ByDzyne

ByDzyne’s multi-faceted approach disrupts the traditional industry model by first understanding that one size DOES NOT fit all. You were born into a particular culture, with unique tastes, interests, and desires. Therefore, ByDzyne™ was created with a purpose to celebrate your uniqueness and empower your extraordinary potential. The company’s exceptional “culture-crafted” products meet distinct needs in key consumer markets, and their lucrative business opportunity was formulated to fuel your ideal lifestyle, as YOU see fit.

This customizable approach is a driving force that propels everything ByDzyne does and will do in the future. They proved this by already establishing 4 distinct verticals: Technology, Training, Travel and Transform. And 8 industries are represented in these diverse categories of products and services: Forex, Online Marketing, Internet of Things (iOT), Lifestyle, CBD, Skincare, Weight Management, and Wellness. At ByDzyne’s core, they believe that this “Power of Choice” offers not just opportunity, but security.

Ultimately, the perfect home-based business would have a catalog full of ever-evolving products and services, that would be relevant to all people, available in all markets, and at a price point that everybody can afford.

ByDzyne’s mission is to be the most influential economic and cultural force in the industry. Thus, the goal is to continue to expand their global footprint into multiple verticals to maximize your income opportunities, capitalize on trends, and gain market share in upcoming industries as they advance. Their experienced executive team strives to stand apart from the pack, and build a legacy you can be proud of; one you can truly call home. We are ByDzyne™. Where limitations don’t exist. For more information please visit


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