ASCIRA Launches First 12K Studio In The Middle East

As part of its comprehensive mission to empower people by connecting them to global educational resources, ASCIRA has launched a futuristic multipurpose, state- of- the art studio, right in the heart of Dubai.

Touted to be the first 12K studio in the Middle East, ASCIRA hopes to pave the way for creating ground-breaking content for the whole world.

The studio houses some of the greatest and most advanced technology in the world, including virtual and augmented reality equipment. The 12K Blackmagic cameras are the highest resolution cameras in the world. ASCIRA is the first in the Middle East, and among ten companies in the world, to have these exquisite cameras which can be used even to shoot feature films.

Seven remote control cameras are fixed in different positions to get varied wide range and close-up shots of any individual or aspect during the filming process. The lighting system, with 70 different lights mixed with 200 LED strips, is worthy of any huge event-based production and can accommodate any type of filming inside the studio.

At a push of a button, it also gives the ability to make pre-sets for different styles of filming. The editing and control room has a window out into the studio where every aspect of the program inside the room can be controlled. Mobile phone applications also can be used to adjust lighting and cameras from within the sound stage, making this futuristic studio virtually automatic.

John Sachtouras, Founder / CEO of ASCIRA said:

The philosophy of ASCIRA is based on the Greek words Ethos, Pathos, Logos and is created to become the New Gateway to share the Treasure of Knowledge with the world and help people learn how to convert their dreams into reality. Our mission is to empower and inspire Beyond a Billion people to get to know their true selves, learn how to better connect with other people and how to improve their quality of life.

Belynda Lee, COO of ASCIRA said:

Our goal is to partner with world-class organizations across the globe. In business we promise to be transparent, you will always hear news about and from our global partners and business members around the world. As the technology evolved, our partnership channel evolved with it, giving ASCIRA a competitive edge in the direct sales industry.

Curtis Randall, Executive Creative Director of ASCIRA said:

The studio will be one big stage for promoting talent and technology. We are building a system where we can utilize 3D sets that will help expand the creative aspects of the studio so we can put people in an environment that is completely different than where they are. The creativity is endless.


ASCIRA is a subscription-based company that offers personal development through a variety of online digital products.

It targets to create a social lifestyle community of beyond a billion people around the world and provide them the best diversified knowledge available. Launched in Dubai in MARCH 2020, ASCIRA aims to become a global leader in the field of education, direct sales industry. From more information please visit


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