Luis Ocampo From Colombia Achieves Royal Diamond Rank At BE

Coming from a completely different career background, Luis Ocampo, the strong-willed and results-driven entrepreneur from Bogota, Colombia, has achieved Royal Diamond ranking with BE.

Long before his network marketing journey and becoming a monthly six-figure earner, Luis Ocampo ventured into multiple careers. He began working early at 12 years old, from being a waiter to construction assistant to eventually getting a degree in Physical Culture and becoming a personal trainer.

But as the saying goes, success is where preparation and opportunity meet. At the age of 34, he entered the network marketing industry and had a massive room to expert the system.

Foreseeing that the business’s future would flourish in the digital scene, he knew BE was his place to be after learning about the company’s vision of empowering the masses with its cutting-edge digital products. Luis found himself convinced that BE would revolutionize the whole industry and was eager to be a part of it.

“When the information from BE reached me, the first thing I did with my experience was to look at the product. With their founding leadership and the projection, I immediately knew that the opportunity I was waiting for had arrived,”

Luis remarks.

With years of experience complementing the excellent company system, he achieved a whopping sales growth in just three months and became a Diamond ranker. He continued with his hard work and sincere efforts in accomplishing big milestones one after the other. He shares,

“BE has impacted my life in a great way because it is a company that solves current problems with mobile and enterprise applications, and this in itself positively impacts the lives of thousands of people since by helping many people in the world, and I have also impacted my life at an economic and growth level helping many families including my own in these times of crisis worldwide.”

A support structure to climb the pillar of success is quintessential. For Luis, the Founders of BE, Moyn Islam, Monir Islam, and Ehsaan Islam were just that. Regarding them, he narrates:

“For me, Monir, Moyn, and Ehsaan, the founders of BE are coherent, visionary people with a successful process in the industry. Greatly admirable and honorable leaders.”

With strong faith, Luis Ocampo believes that BE will be the top company in digital platforms and applications for its excellent services, lucrative plans, and most importantly, the genuine concern to change the world positively by providing the best opportunities to people and creating a massive impact in their lives.

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The BE ecosystem uses artificial intelligence technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for people from all walks of life, regardless of their educational or financial background, to build their very own multimillion-dollar business from their smartphone.

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