Masato Fujisawa From Japan Achieves Grand President Millionaire Rank At Vyvo

Leaders like Masato Fujisawa in Japan have ignited the incredible levels of success that have characterized the performance of Vyvo this year.

Reaching the rank of Grand President Millionaire, Mr. Fujisawa has been at the frontlines of expanding Vyvo’s platform of opportunities, bringing a better quality of life, and putting its Members’ prosperity, wellness, and health first. Mr. Fujisawa identified the potential Vyvo offered him and seized the chance to take flight.

Mr. Fujisawa utilized the structure of Vyvo’s Digital Health Sharing Economy to build powerful relationships. At the same time, he enjoyed sharing life-changing opportunities and successes with the community he’s made for himself within Vyvo.

From Mr. Fujisawa’s comments upon achieving the rank of Grand President Millionaire, “Let me express my sincerest appreciation to receive this title, thanks to the support of leader Mr. Kataoka, as well all the people and members involved in our Vyvo family. The possibilities of Vyvo business are limitless. I take it as my one and only job, contributing to creating a society which has never existed before.”

Through Vyvo’s mission of creating opportunities that elevate people’s lives, extraordinary Members such as Mr. Fujisawa use their willpower and passion to achieve growing levels of success, all while living an improved life alongside his community. Leaders like him take an opportunity and create generational success stories that feed the fire of a diverse community to build and live in a better future today. Vyvo is a leader in technology for health through the voice of their Members.

About Vyvo Inc.

Vyvo is on a mission that has created a lucrative home-based tech opportunity empowering millions of people worldwide to maximize online revenue focused on precision health, prosperity, and economic well-being. Members are continuously rewarded for wearing their Vyvo LifeWatch while effortlessly contributing their biodata anonymously to a unique Global Health Fintech Platform, enabled by patented Life Sensing Technology™ and secured by blockchain technology.

Vyvo is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that creates sophisticated wearable technology – proven leaders in innovation with devices that protects, monitors, and empowers people who seek an overall enhanced lifestyle. Vyvo’s technology-driven mission has inspired the first self-funded Digital Health Sharing Economy where everyone can prosper. For more information, please visit and join Vyvo’s Facebook Community.


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