MLM Top Leader Mario Fantini From Italy Joins Rain International

Rain International is pleased to announce that MLM legend Mario Fantini, and his wife Olga Kukhayeva, have joined its ranks as Rain Partners in Italy’s quickly-growing market.

They bring with them over 20 years of Network Marketing experience, where they’ve consistently built enormous that organizations whose impact and reach have influenced thousands. Byron Belka, Rain’s founder and CEO, is incredibly optimistic about Mario and Olga’s joining:

“It’s always exciting, building a market. But, that excitement quickly mounts when a seasoned distributor, one who understands the network marketing world, how to lead, and how to grow a team, joins in that market.

Having Mario and Olga on board will be provide a foundation from which we can build, and a pool of experience and success that we can draw from as we push seed-based nutrition across the globe. We’re incredibly happy to have them.”

We’ve seen what happens when extremely successful distributors align themselves with a new network marketing company in a market that’s growing: typically, that company grows massively.

Rain has also taken its own steps to ensure that Mario and Olga’s distributorship with them is as lucrative as possible, placing a strategic sponsorship with an Italian futbol team, US Triestina. Mario Fantini also weighed in on his recent decision, and explained to us why he chose to join Rain International:

“Our [Mario and his wife] love for Rain was immediate and overwhelming. My dear friend, Boris, sent me a box of SOUL. We tried it, and after feeling its benefits after only a half an hour, Olga and I completely understood where we needed to be. We knew that, at Rain International, we could do good, improving the health of all those around us (especially those who were less than healthy).

We also recognized the massive opportunity. In fact, we get chills just thinking about individuals joining Rain in the future, and how they will be able to thank our organization. It is no small thing!”

Mario and Olga are no strangers to building their organizations from the ground up. They’ve grown a handful of organizations, in different MLM companies, from zero to thousands of individuals over their career, and they’re planning on doing the same thing with Rain International.

The only difference? They have seed-powered products behind them. These seed-powered products provide a higher level of nutrients, antioxidants, and benefits. These products are not only effective, but have an enormous army of testimonial-driven distributors that promote and share it. Mario and Olga have added their names to this list, and plan on taking the goodness of seed-based health to all those around them in Italy. We look forward to seeing their impact.

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