Business For Home Masterclass Speaker: Anthony Napolitano!

15,000+ Network Marketing Professionals from around the world will come together for 3 days in an immersive generic training experience, the ultimate Masterclass, with 35 Top Speakers:

“How You Can Become A Rising Star”

10 -11-12 December 2021

Top earner Anthony Napolitano, 26 years old, has already accomplished more than most people accomplish in a lifetime. And he is on a mission to make this happen to others, too.

Anthony Napolitano currently travels the world to help others become financially fit. He does this by providing an effective suite of services that helps individuals Make, Manage, and Save money on a daily basis. Napolitano, together with his team, is moving from place to place in order to reach as many people around the world that are in need of making extra income.

Like most people his age, Napolitano actively posts and shares his life on Instagram. But unlike most people his age, he’s not just showing off a collection of shoes, but luxury cars, property investments, and his businesses or vacation travels.

In reaching his mission of helping other people, he has hit top flyer status at two different airlines for reaching more than a hundred flights. He shares his story not just by the picture but also through his captions. He once wrote,

“People ask me everyday why do you still work as hard as the day you started? They say, you have the cars and the house, when are you going to take a break?

I can tell you I won’t stop or slow down because it’s not about me anymore. It’s about impacting thousands of lives around the world and giving people a real opportunity to achieve the things they desire.”

Napolitano serves as an inspiration, especially to his team. He is not just a boss but a great example to them on what can take place when someone truly commits. This young man from Florida used to be a full-time college student-athlete. When he was 18 yrs old he was introduced to network marketing.

In his 20s, he was already earning seven figures. From then on, he dedicated his life to his job. But according to Napolitano, it’s not just hard work alone that brought his success but it’s through his work ethic, focus, consistency, and commitment as well.

Napolitano also reaches other people through vlogs, giving motivational tips of the days, highlights of his events and an overview of their product. He is determined to reach millions of audience to help with financial stability, starting with managing money wisely and being debt-free. He and his company also provide Education, Technology and Discount.

“How You Can Become A Rising Star”

10-11-12 December 2021

15,000+ Network Marketing Professionals from around the world will come together for 3 days in an immersive generic training experience, the ultimate Masterclass, with 35 Top Speakers:

Real-Time Translation in 19 languages

Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Vietnamese.

No Hype, No Upsells, Pure Knowlegde

It is delivered to you in a completely generic format. No companies or products are ever mentioned, so you will feel safe to share this ultimate masterclass with your Team!

What you will learn:

  • How to use social media to build up your business.

  • How to talk to your warm market.

  • How to recruit people into your team.

  • How to follow up prospects

  • How to build a rock solid team.

  • How to coach your team.

  • How to find the perfect mentor or coach.

  • How to add value and position yourself as a great leader.

  • How to deal with the inevitable rejection.

  • How to develop an unbreakable mind set.

  • How to build up part-time.

A ticket is just $42 / Euro 35 for all 3 days + the replay!

Recap June 2021 Masterclass / Conference:

Network marketing Top leaders, Fast Rising Stars, as their mentors and coaches will share their methods and “secrets” to recruit, team up and build a large organisation.

35+ International Top Speakers, Coaches, Mentors and Rising Stars!


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