Sofia Maravilla, Juuva’s First US Hispanic Leader, Achieves Diamond Rank

Juuva is thrilled to congratulate Sofia Maravilla from Texas as a new Juuva Diamond.  She was awarded on stage at the Juuva AMPLIFY Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 5-7, 2021.

Sofia is the perfect example of how vision and hard work will bring prosperity.  And no one can tell her journey as well as she can.

In her own words:

“I was born in Mexico. I am married and have three children (2 boys and one princess). I was first introduced to the world of multilevel companies 29 years ago.


Throughout that time, I have worked with four other companies, all of which yielded me great results. Unfortunately, three of the four companies ended up closing or terminating their multilevel program”

“I have been working with Juuva for only 11 months and have been immensely impressed with all that it implies  and represents within the industry. I am beyond proud to be part of such an excellent company that keeps me constantly learning and growing and allows me to make changes in my own life, as well as those of others”.

“As a person, I enjoy getting to know others.  I am an active participant in social work, and strive to empower others, especially women. I know that I have a mission in life, and part of that mission is helping others reach the best version of themselves.


Juuva is a big part of how I aim to help others, since it allows me to empower individuals to make changes to their health, their finances, and often both”.

Sofia’s hard work, perseverance, loyalty to her family and love for others has prepared her to be one of the most successful leaders in the nation. Like many who come to America from another country, the path can be challenging.

Nevertheless, her personal tenacity and positive nature has permitted her to provide  the best education to her children (Harvard).  With Juuva she has found a more direct path to all that is good in life.

Grant Pace, Juuva Chairman and CEO, says

“Sofia is an inspiration to us all. Indeed she is the very inspiration she yearns to instill in others.  We honor her in this significant achievement as a Juuva Diamond.  With her leadership and passion for Juuva, she is destined to continue Transforming Lives in both the U.S. and Mexico.”

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